Nepal Passport – How to Submit Passport Form Through App

There is no doubt that Google is the best and the most popular search engine. We have also tried searching the matters in the Google and got the thousands of result in few seconds. Besides Search engine the Internet king, Google provides the other services too like Gmail, Google Plus ( Social site of Google), Google play store, blogger etc.

Google Play Store is the huge platform of Android app. You can find various types of Apps in the play store. Now a day we can find thousands of Nepali Android app. Nepal Passport is one of the needed apps which guides you to make passport and the additional matters about it.

A few years ago when you desire to make passport you must have to fill the form, submit with the charges in the Passport department in the local office. You must have to wait for more than 45 days. If any error in the document again you must have to collect the data and go on the same process. If you need any information you must meet the officer in the office and talk to them.

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But now, with a click you can know the matters related to Passport, the app Nepal Passport had to make every user simple, easy and efficient. Just download the app and know the details or information from the app. You can submit the passport form from the app. Is not it easy? It’s the free Android app and trustful because it is owned by The Government of Nepal.

Features of the Nepal Passport app

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  • The app belongs to Department Of Passport, MOFA, Government Of Nepal so it is trustful
    Information about of passport in the click.
  • Simple, easy and efficient to use
  • Apply online feature.
  • Received/Dispatched/rejected list of passports
  • Lost/ found passports info
  • User friendly
  • FAQ

 If you have any problem regarding the passport or any further information you can download the app. You can also get the information of Received/Dispatched/rejected list of Passports from the apps. Any News updated related to the passport and the passport office you can find in the app. Keep in touch with our site We are always ready to serve you with the life changing articles.


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