Nepali calendar is the official calendar of Nepal. It is mostly used in Nepal and all over the world among the Nepalese people. Most of the governmental organization schedule their programs based on it.

The Nepali calendar starts with the month of Baishak and ends at Chaitra. The Nepal calendar is 56 years and 8½ months ahead of the English calendar (Gregorian calendar). The calendar has 12 months with 29- 30 days depending on the months. The similar calendars can be found in other countries like India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. The calendar has the historical events as well as traditional ritual dates which mostly affect the social culture of the people. Besides the festivals, Dashain, Tihar, Loser the calendar holds the important dates for marriage, Bratabandha, naming ceremony, Annual Shraddha, and tithe. The Nepali dates are denoted by ( BS )Bikram Sambat as the Gregorian calendar dates are denoted by AD. Normally BS and AD are written behind the dates to remove the confusion among the two dates. The Bikram Sambat system was established by Indian emperor Vikramaditya in 57 BC.

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Importance of Nepali Calendar (Bikram Sambat)

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As from the birth, the baby the Nepali calendar has the important impact in the lifestyle of Nepalese. The naming ceremony which takes after the 11 days of the birth ( happen only in Nepal and India) depends upon the Nepali Calendar ( Nepali Tithi). The Hindu ceremony Bratabandha teaches the traditional laws, ceremonial roles to the boys (8 to 12 years) that also based on the Nepali dates like that the marriage dates are organized only in the certain dates that are on the calendar. The Ekadashi which occurs twice in a Hindu calendar month has a great importance to the Nepalese people. The other days like Aaushi, Purnima, mangal Chaturthi has also a good impact in Hindu religious people. All the date are clearly mentioned in the calendar.

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The Nepali calendar has an important value in Nepalese culture as well as social values. All the government offices are also operating their daily works based on this calendar. The rituals from the birth to death and after death are also performed based on the calendar so it has a different value in Nepalese society.

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