Map of Nepal : Where is Nepal? Nepal and its Location

Map of Nepal: Nepal being a landlocked country is bordered by China to the north and India to the south, east, and west. South Asian country Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-religion, multilingual, multi-cultured country whose official language is Nepali. Kathmandu is the capital city of the country having the population of 26.4 million. Nepal has an area of 147181 sqm km and is said to be world’s 93rd largest country by area.

Map of Nepal : Nepal and its Location

Nepal is a mountainous country which is a home to world top ten tallest mountains. It includes world highest point on earth Mount Everest too. Nepal can be divided into three regions on the basis of geological structure; the Mountain, the Hill, and the Terai. The Mountain region is full of great mountain peaks to the north part of Nepal. This region is cold. The Hilly region has different popular as well as populated valleys like Kathmandu Vally and Pokhara valley. Terai is plain and is situated in the southern part. The lowland of Terai is linked with India. The Terai is also called as the greenery of Nepal.

The history of Nepal includes many tribes such as Kiratis of Mongolia, the Mallas, Thakuri Dynasty, Shah Dynasty, The Rana autocracy and many other dynasties. Our history is also based and influenced from the neighboring countries India and China. Many tribes, groups, and kings traveled across Nepal with the purpose of trade and pilgrims. So the history is absorbed from the neighboring country. But for the unification of Nepal Prithivi Narayan Shah played a great role. He started a campaign in order to unify a single and unified country under the name Nepal. He got victory over different kingdoms such as Kantipur, Nuwakot, Kritipur. This is how a unified Nepal was made.

Nepal is a country full of nature and natural scenario. It is famous for the Himalayan ranges where trekking is the best activity to do for tourist. Nepal also includes ancient historic structures and many cultural heritage sites. The mountains like Mount Everest, Annapurna also are famous all over the world. There are many National Parks where people can observe many rare animals and plants such as one horn rhino, tiger, red panda etc.

Some famous National Parks are like Chitwan National Park, Langtang National Park which is famous for activities such as, camping, sightseeing, and a range of adventure sports. Nepal is a country of Buddha which is also regarded as a light of Asia – the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and a famous pilgrimage site is also situated in Nepal. This is a brief description of the map of Nepal.

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