Chitwan National Park – One of The Best Place to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is rich in mountains, natural resources, rivers, lakes, dangerous animal, culture religions historical temple and tradition so, many of the people from different part of the world come to Nepal to see it and enjoy it. In Nepal, there are much tourism places Chitwan national park is one of them.

Chitwan national park is one of the most famous tourist places in Nepal. It was established at the time of king so at that time people say Royal Chitwan national park but there is no king in Nepal so the name is changed by taking out royal from the name after that people say Chitwan national park. It was established in 1973. Chitwan national park status the world heritage site in 1984 by UNESCO.

It is located in south-central Terai of the Nepal in subtropical inner Terai lowlands. It has covered 4 districts of central development regions. It lies in Chitwan, Parsa, Makanpur, and Nawalparasi of the districts of Nepal. It has covered a large area of the low Terai 936 km2 (360 sq mi) which is at the altitude of 100m in the river valley and 815 m in the Churia hills.

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Many people visit Chitwan national park for the tranquil Tharu settlement in the west of Meghauli village and the tourist town in the east of Sauraha. Chitwan national park is famous for Elephant riding and bathing, one horn Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Gharial crocodile, Sloth Bears, Leopards and other birds and animal. This all animal and birds are endangered they are lacking from the world which is only little in numbers.

Mainly it opens from 8 AM to 6 PM. This national park has its own rules and regulation. This national park is also known for its own biodiversity. The grassy land and dense grass are the home of the rare animals like rhino and tiger. From different parts of the world, people came here. More than 100 thousand people had come to enjoy the Chitwan national park.

In Sauraha, there are a lot of hotel, restaurants, agencies, and lodges to serve the tourist who comes to Chitwan national park. Mainly tourist likes to live in Tharu villages. By the increasing numbers of tourist in Sauraha, there is also increasing hotel and resort. Nepal government had made small museum also in Chitwan national park. They also had made elephant bridging center where we can see many small baby elephants and can have an elephant ride.

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One horn Rhino and Gharial crocodile are only found in Nepal so from the different parts of the world many countries try to save the Rhino and they are also doing research for it also. They also give some fund to save Rhino as well as other dangerous animals.

Chitwan has the amazing type of climate. Here monsoon starts in the middle of the June and finishes in late of September. This area is located in the Himalayas central climate zone so, it has a tropical monsoon with high humidity.

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