Popular 15 Nepali Musical Instruments

Musical instruments produce melodious sounds. The music is also the complement of songs. To make the songs pleasant music has the great role. In Nepal, people use many musical instruments and sung songs during festivals, marriage ceremony, Jatras and in other cultural programs. Here are some of the traditional Nepali musical instruments, let’s discuss them.

Popular Nepali Musical Instruments

1. Madal: The madal is one of the post popular Nepali musical instruments that is popular among all the communities. It is a hollow wooden cylinder with its both open sides covered with skin.Normally it is hung in the waist and played with both sides with a rhythm.

2. Bansuri/ Murali: The Bansuri/ Murali is a thin hollow bamboo pipe which has several small holes and played by placing under the lips and blowing the air.

3. Sarangi: The sarangi is the traditional musical instruments of Gandharvas. Especially the musical instrument is made up of the wood of Khirro and four strings.

4. Panchai Baja ( Set of 5 instruments)

Sahanai: The musical instrument is made of metal which produces the sweet sound. It is one of the leading Panche Baja.
Tyamko : The Tyamko is like a Damaha but small in size. It is beaten by 2 drumsticks and produces music.
Nagara/Damaha: It is a large kettledrum made of copper and covered with skin. It is played by hitting with a strong stick.
Narsinga: The Narsinga is a musical instrument like a horn.It is made of copper.It is the half circle in shape. It is blown at one end.
Jhyali/Jhyamta/Jhurma: It is made of bronze metal.It has two pieces.It is played by hitting one piece with another.

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5. Shankha: The Shankha is the outer shell of ocean snail. It is blown with a mouth at the time of pooja.

6. Khainjadi: The musical instrument is made of wood. It is covered with skin.The instrument is especially played at the time of Roiala. The Mujuras is often accompanied with it.

7. Pungi/Bin: Especially snake charmers carries the Bin. It is made of coconut shell and three pieces of Bamboo.

8. Tunga: This musical instrument is popular in the Himalayan region. It is similar to sarangi and made of 4 strings and rhododendron wood.

9. Yalamber: It is a string instrument. Made of bamboo and 2 strings.It is used by Kirants.

10. Ektare: It is a wooden frame covered with skin.It is especially used by Jogis.

11. Dholak: The dholak is made of a hollow cylinder of wood.It two open ends,which are equal in diameter,are covered with skin.

12. Dhyangro: The Dhyangro is a circular frame of wood covered with animals skin on both sides with rows downward to hold.It is used by the Dhami Jhakris.

13. Hudko: The Hudko looks like the Damura. It is used in the mid-west and far west of Nepal.

14. Masak: The Masak is like the sarangi. It is popular in Bhajhang district in the far west.

15. Pung: This is the wind musical instrument made of the horn of the ox. It is popular among the Kirants of Solu area.

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