Amazing Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Traditions

Around 80% of the people in Nepal follow Hinduism. Due to the high number of Hindus in the country, there are so many beliefs as per the traditions views. The science had also proved that there are scientific reasons for these Hindu traditions. Let’s have a view over the.

Scientific Reasons behind Hindu Traditions

1. The reason for visiting Temple

The idol is placed in the center which is called ‘Moolasthanam’ where maximum earth’s magnetic waves are found. The copper plate beneath the idol absorbs magnetic waves of the earth and radiates it to the surroundings. While walking around the temple in clockwise, this lets the visitors absorb positive energy. Regular visiting temple leads us to the healthy life.

2. Why do Hindu Women wear Bangles?

The wrist is regarded as the constant activation portion of a human body. The Hindu women were bangles that not only make them looking beautiful but it has also a scientific reason. The bangles in the wrist constant the friction of blood circulation. The round shapes bangles have no ends, as a result of it stops the electricity passing out the skin and reverts to one’s own body.

3. The reason behind playing Tulsi Plant

Tulsi is a medicinal herb and it has its own importance in the religious and spiritual view. Taking Tulsi tea every day prevents diseases. We plant the Tulsi plant in the front of the gate which prevents insects from entering the home. The Tulsi tree is also the good source of Oxygen, so it is good to plant near our house.

4. Why do we Worship Peepal Tree?

Peepal tree (Sacred fig) doesn’t provide nor is the furniture good from it. There is a strong evidence to pray for the tree. The Peepal tree is probably only one plant that produces oxygen at night. To save the tree people regarded as the god.

5. Married Women apply Sindur

The Sindoor (Vermillion powder) is made of turmeric-lime and metal mercury. The mercury helps to remove stress and pain. The sindoor is implicated by the married women in the right to the pituitary gland which also centers our feelings. Applying Sindur controls blood pressure and also actives in sexual drives. So it has very importance in married women

6. Fasting

Science also proves that fasting once a week is good for the body if he/she is healthier. The digestive system remains in rest by fasting. The restriction of calorie in the body has many health benefits like immune disorder; reduce of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Why do Temples have Bells?

We rang the bells before entering to the temple area; this keeps the evil forces away from us. As the view of scientifically the ring of bells keeps our mind concentration on devoted purpose.

Not only 7 scientific reasons behind the Hindu traditions, we will update more reasons on another post. So, keep in touch with us.

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