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Sometimes the letters don’t display in another computer that has been showing well on your computer. This happens because of the fonts. A font (Preeti Font) is the combination of characters with the same size, pitch, and spacing. The fonts play the important role for typeface the characters in the computer. The typeface is the digital representation of how that design is delivered.

So fonts refer Type face + style + size. Today is the era of digitalization. We cast the letters particular size and weight. The graphic design is the digital representations of typefaces. Today it’s not just like the traditional printmaking era; with a click the fonts are interchangeable.

About Preeti Font

There are thousands of fonts in the Nepali language. So, which one do you think the best one? Although every font has their own feature But one of the most popular and traditional fonts is Preeti font. Preeti font is regarded as the first font of Nepali language designed and developed by Bhadrakali Mishra. The official font of Nepal Preeti is clear to use and it the most common font preferred by most of the people.

Importance: It is not possible to carry your computer where ever you go. Carrying the data in your pen drive and opening from others PC may not show your characters clearly this is due to fonts. So, if you do your work in most common fonts that is the best way to get your data clear and without any other errors. Most of The people install Preeti fonts so, working in this font will make you easy while opening your document in others PC or other documents on your PC.

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Features of Preeti Font

Here are some of the features so, that Preeti font has been one of the most installed fonts in most of the PCS’.

  • Simplified.
  • Familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft.
  • The equal frame of all characters.
  • Most attractive.
  • Readability.
  • The popularity of typefaces.
  • Appropriateness of elements.
  • Easy to install.

If you want to install the Pretti fonts on your computer it’s easy. Just go to the and download the font.
To install fonts, you must have them on a floppy disk, CD, or your hard disk.

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To install Preeti font, follow these steps:

1. Press win +R

Type %windir%\fonts command then presses enter.

2. Look in the Drives box, click the drive that contains fonts (look the drive that you have set for download).

3. Install New Font From the File menu.

Choose the popular one rather than growing. Popular one will not make you in trouble. This case also applies to the fonts also. So choose the Preeti font to be aware of fonts problems.

Download Now

Download Kantipur font too.

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