Nepal News – Top 10 Nepali News Sites

Why is the news site important for us? Because we can access to current events and up-to-date in the world information. Most of the people aware of the various events around the world through the news site. So, news sites are important in our lives. In this post, we are going to the share ‘Top 10 Nepali News Sites’ according to

Top 10 Nepali News Sites


One of the leading Newspaper in Nepal is Kantipur. The online portal of The Nepali news site delivers latest national and international to the users including political News, games, business, and entertainment News. From the site you can access to other newspaper (The Kathmandu Post, Saptahik) and magazine (Nari, Nepal) of Kantipur Media group. The portal is both in Nepali and English language.


Online portal is popular among all the age. It delivers latest national News including business, political and sports news. From the portal know the public feedback, social issues and enjoy the great photos and videos. The OnlineKhabar is in the Nepali and English language.

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The online portal is famous for delivering latest political news to its readers. Beside this, we can read the News about national and international issues, sports news, business news and other social issues. This portal is in the both Nepali and English language.


Annapurna Post is a popular Newspaper in Nepal. The Online portal delivers up to date from News from Nepal. Beside this it delivers News in National and International issues, social issues, entertainment, educational News, sports News, lifestyle and business News. At the starting, the online version was in Nepali but now you can get it in English edition too.

5. had become so famous among the Nepalese community worldwide because of the good articles on social issues. Mostly it delivers the News about political issues. Besides that, we can read the news about social issues, literature, business, and lifestyle. The online portal is in the Nepali and English language.

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This site is based on News24 TV. This TV channel is popular in Nepal for its great videos in social change sector. In the online portal you can read and watch political, entertainment, economics news, and video based on social issues.

7. is a news portal based on Nepal News. The portal is in the Nepali language. It delivers the national and internal news. You can view the news of different sectors in the portal.


Nagarik is one of the leading newspaper in Nepal. is the online Nepali portal of Nagarik National Daily. The online portal delivers the international and national news. Besides this, the readers can read the news about political issues, Finance, literature, world News, health issues, interview, views and much more.

9. is famous among the users because of the latest news update. The site is in the Nepali and English language. It delivers the News of political, finance, health, sports and much more. is popular in Nepal for its great videos in the entertainment sector.


The online portal is one of the most popular news sites of Eastern Nepal. You can read the news in both English and Nepali language. The online portal delivers the national and international news of different sectors like finance, sports, political, education sports etc.

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