Monetize your Website with Propeller Ads

If you are a blogger you may be searching a good way to monetize your website or, blog. Our team is always concern about the problems and solution of blogger. Today are introducing about the Propeller Advertisement by Propeller Ads Media, which helps the publishers to earn good amount of money.

The reasons to choose Propeller Ads

• The Propeller Ads is the based in the UK which has been so popular among the advertisers and publishers in the short time. The rapid growth of the advertisement network proves that it will be one of the leading companies worldwide.

• The Propeller Ads provides 100% of the publishers’ international traffic and the highest CPM possible. The traffic from USA, Canada, United kingdom and Australia generates maximum CPM.

• It is not good to compare Propeller Advertisement as AdSense alternative. It’s not exactly as the AdSense. The world advertisement leading Google AdSense is a PPC ad network means it will pay the publisher as per the click but Propeller Ads is a CPM ad network means it pays for the impressions.

Types of Advertisement Products

Propeller Ads supports Variety of ads for your space. It doesn’t concern about the type of your blog or website you have. It provides the ads for your blog or your site. The other advertisement company here are the banners by the Propeller Ads.

Banner Ads: Propeller Ads offers various banner sizes that you can place on your website. You can earn 1-$2 per 1000 impressions. You can choose the following banners sizes for your blog or website. 728×90, 160×600, 120×600, 300×250 and other.

Beside this banners, it offers you Onclick ads, In-banner video, full page adverting etc. You can choose these banners and ads suitable for your blog.

Who Can Apply for Propeller Advertisement

Till the time Propeller Ads is accepting all the publishers even though the blogs or websites have less traffic? To apply for the Propeller Advertisement Just sign up the Propeller Ads. They will again contact you with email and password in your email.

Payment of Propeller Advertisement

Propeller Ads does not support PayPal. After your minimum payout $100, you can withdraw through Payoneer, wire transfer etc.

To get paid your balance must reach the minimum payout of $100. Propeller Ads pays through Payoneer, Wire transfer, etc. At present, they don’t support PayPal.

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Features of the Propeller Advertisement

  • If you get a lot of traffic from search result than Propeller isn’t for you. If you have only high traffic from your links rather than clicks than you can do far better from Propeller Advertisement because it works on CPM.
  • If you want instant ads network who pays more better than Google AdSense you should use Propeller Advertisement.
  • If you want to earn from Referral program, its provides 5% of the referral which is quite good enough.

We have tried on our site and getting the better results. Share your experience about using Propeller Advertisement. Keep in touch for more tips and trick about the Tech topics.

You can create your own Propeller account from here.

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