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What do you do in your leisure time? This was asked for more than one thousand people above 95% answer use the mobile. The Smartphone has been a close friend of humans. There are so many Nepali apps in the mobiles that make your life easy, happy, comfortable and better.

If you are too boring the game apps are there pass your time with single or multiplayer, the dictionaries are there to find the meaning of difficult words, be a photographer using the guidelines of the photo apps, the calendar is with you if you need extra information with the dates you can use the calendar apps.

If you think in details most of the work is done with the apps that the technology has developed up to your mobile. Here are some of the most downloaded Nepali apps for your Smartphone which will make your different tasks easy. Most of the apps have crossed more than one million downloads which proves the popularity as well as the important Nepali apps for your device.

Most Popular Nepali Apps

1. Call Break Multiplayer

If you are in leisure then the call break multiplayer is the best option. The card games are most popular from ancient times now they are on your mobile. You can play both in single or multiplayer mode. The game rule is so simple. The game has 5 rounds and the 5th rounds declare the winner adding all the points of the game 1st to 5th round.

As we know that a pack of the card contains 52 cards they are divided into 4 players with 13 cards each. Deal with your points and capture the game throwing the successor card in each round. The game app is really interesting. It is also the game of mind.

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2. Passport ID Photo Maker Studio

If you go to the photo studio they will charge for clicking your photos. Printing the photo doesn’t cost too much so, you can take the photo, edit with the help of Passport ID Photo Maker Studio. It’s easy. Capture your photo chooses the size for passport, visa or ID and chooses the print size of the paper.

The different countries may support different sizes of the photo for their documents from the option you can choose the country too. Edit the photo and print the photo in the local photo booth it is an easy and cheap idea to get your photo print. You can also remove background but it’s only available for-pay version. Download this app for your mobile and pay less for the photos you need.

3. Remote Mouse and Keyboard

The technology has made us easy to do any task. Now with this app Remote Mouse and Keyboard, you can make use of your mobile as the mouse and keyboard vertically. Just download the app and connect your computer using the wireless connection and use your PC or laptop from your mobile.

If you had a smart TV then you desire to put the app on your mobile. Using the voice also you can perform the task like search or browse from mobile to Computer.

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4. Nepali Patro

If you are out of the country then you miss the important events and festivals due to the date because you have No Nepali calendar. The app is not only a calendar it is rich with so many popular features.

The additional features of the app are currency converter, date converter, Updates with festivals, Horoscope, birthday greeting cards and much more. Download the app and always be connected with the Nepali date, events, and Nepali festivals.

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5. Nepali Dictionary – Offline

All we have the problem of the words. Sometimes a word is the main part of the sentences if we misunderstood the word it meanings negative. So, a dictionary is a must thing that you have to be in your pocket. Is it possible to carry the dictionary all the time? No, it isn’t. I mean that it is must have the Dictionary app on the mobile.

The most popular app Nepali Dictionary – Offline provides you the English to Nepali meaning without the internet connection. If you are a foreign and traveling Nepal this works awesome it provides you the Roman Nepali too. Search the English word and spell the word in Nepali. Besides this, you can know the Pronunciation of the word with the long press in the spoken menu.

6. Hamro Nepali Keyboard

The Nepali language has a different charm that other languages may not have. Most of us want to type our Facebook status in Nepali but don’t know how to type. Now no need to worry the most popular app Hamro Nepali Keyboard provides you for typing easily in Nepali.

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You can direct-write Nepali characters or you can write in roman which will change into Nepali character. Download the app and promote the Nepali app by using own language. You can also use the latest emoji with this keyboard.

7. Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is another one most downloaded Nepali apps. Mainly the name of the app refers to the Nepali calendar but it is more than that. The unique features of the app make it more popular among the people.

You can know the gold/ silver rates; the app also works as the currency converter, date converter. Besides this, you can listen to the radio, read blogs and news from different websites.

8. eSewa

eSewa is a mobile app as we all know it is a wallet installed on your phone. It is your wallet on the web and on your mobile device which will help you to pay bills without any cash through your VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent anytime you like. More details about eSewa.

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