Gold Price in Nepal: Check Today’s Gold and Silver Price

Gold price in Nepal varies from day to day. You might be looking forward to buying gold and might to get a sneak peek into the prices of the day. There might also be cases when you need to buy a considerable amount of gold for a marriage ceremony or something similar. Don’t worry about checking the current gold price in Nepal. With web applications and mobile app, you can easily know about today’s gold price with ease.

Why is gold important?

We give a lot of value to gold. It is also an expensive metal that is used as jewelry. But why is gold important? Why does its value change on a daily basis?

From a scientific perspective, gold is extremely important. It is a noble metal which does not react with any other elements. This makes it a useful metal when it comes to using as currency or jewelry. Also, it is very malleable and ductile, making it easier to change gold into a wonderful piece of jewelry. It is also a scarce metal, which had a unique shine to it. All of these facts make gold an important metal and costs a lot of money.

Now that we know that gold is an important metal, we can easily discuss how to check today’s gold price.

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How to check the gold price on the web?

The gold price can be checked on the web using the This is an official site which indicated all details about the gold and silver prices in Nepal. Feneogisida stands for Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealer’s Association. As this is the original gold and silver association of Nepal, the prices mentioned here are true to a penny.

Just browse:

The web app of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association is easy to use and has a lightweight interface. There are a number of options to choose from, one of which includes looking at the day to day tariffs of the gold prices in Nepal. You can also look at the recent news about gold and silver prices. The website also has options to partake of gold jewelry design training.

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How to check the gold price on the mobile app?

If you are not interested in looking at the gold prices via a website, you can easily do so using a mobile app. The best app to check the gold price on mobile is the Nepal Gold Price app. The app has been created by BigFootSoftwares and is a perfect app to get updated about the daily gold and silver prices in Nepal. The app is extremely easy to use, and the data will be synced into your app by just being an online one.

The data that appears here has also been brought to you by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers Association, so the information you find here is true too. The quality and the lightweight nature of the app make it pretty easy to use. Download the app and check today’s gold price. Download app.

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