How to make Android Smartphone run faster?

Smartphone run fasterIt’s frustrating if your Smartphone is to delay to response. The internet runs slow, the video takes time for a startup, takes few seconds to respond, unresponding the apps for a long time are some of the problems you face in the phone. Their problems are common but you can manage by yourself to speed up the performance of the of Android device. How to make Android Smartphone run faster? Follow the 7 steps.

7 Steps to make Smartphone run faster

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Make sure you’re up to date

The updated os version of the phone has bugs fixed. Most of the people do not have the idea about updating the version of the software on the phone. Not only the system versions must be updated but you must also update other apps used in the smartphone. It is always better to keep the setting update be automatically prompted for updating latest bug and fixes.

You can check manually the update by this way. Click to about device – Move to Software update – and check for updates.

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Clean up your home screen

If you have the habit of keeping animated images on the screen then delete them. Your screen must consider only essential widgets but only in few numbers.

Uninstall and disable unused apps

Only keep useful apps on the phone. Installing unnecessary app in the phone is to give the device unnecessary load which affects the performance of the device. Disable and uninstall those types of apps which do not have any work in your smartphone.

Clear cached app data

Although cache files in the smartphone help the files to load quickly, but having a lot of cache files consumes a lot of space. It’s always wise enough to clear the cache files from the device to space up of the device. You can also use CCleaner instead of clean the cache files manually.

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Reduce auto-sync

The android device has the feature auto synchronize which atomically updates the data in the background and provides us the updates. This process is directly connected with the battery performance; it consumes a lot of battery power. it is always better to turn off or reduce the auto-sync when unnecessary.

Try a third-party launcher

The launchers especially help to boost up the speed and performance of the device.You can try these top launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher EX on your android device.

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Perform a factory reset

One of the shortest ways to make you phone as the new one is to factory reset it. But keep in mind that before factory setting backup all the necessary files because you will lose all the data after you perform a factory reset.

These are the best 7 steps to make Android Smartphone run faster. Follow these steps and enjoy.

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