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Who says that the blogging is difficult? If you are using the traditional method then surely it may be, but if you are known for these apps then you will find it easier. Try these incredible apps and do new revolutionizing in your writing. Check out these 10 best apps for (Bloggers) which will change your life in blogging and writing.

10 Best Apps for Bloggers

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: This app is the most popular Dictionary app which provides you the meaning, synonyms of the words. The unique feature of the app is voice-search that let to help you to teach how to pronounce the word.

WordPress: The next app that makes your blogging is the Word press.It lets the user maintain or to control their articles from their mobile. Edit, optimize and publish your articles from your mobile using the app. This is the app that every blogger have to install in their mobile.

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Evernote: It is the most popular app for note keeping and organizing the materials over the web. Keep the notes, photos, images, audio recordings and web articles. Synchronize the files from the device and Post the articles easily on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

Diigo: This app is based on cloud-based researching. This tool helps the user to highlights and makes notes on the WebPages while reading. This supports all major browser, android, and iPad, so it popular among the bloggers.

Dragon Dictation: This is the tool you find amazing. Especially for the bloggers who has no time for writing, this tool seems awesome. Just give your Dictations to it it will transcribe into text. This seems 5 times faster than typing.

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Grammarly: Grammarly helps you to correct the errors so it has been the most used and popular tool among the bloggers. We guarantee you that you will be impressed by this tool. Grammar structure and use of symbols and helps you to replace with the suggestions.

SelfControl: This tool helps you to control access to distracting internet sites. This site will be unavailable for the time being as per your instruction. If you want to block more sites you can add them to the blacklist.

Spice Mobile: This app lets the user spark their creativity with over 22,000 quotes from great literature. Type your description of the topics and get the list of literary description from at least 5 descriptions.

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Bitly: This app is mostly used for the advanced bloggers. It lets the blogger share your content and maintain their brand. This app tracks the performance of the links that you share based on traffic, trends, and geography.

Pixlr: This is the simple photo editing app that helps the blogger to edit and add texts in the photos.

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