10 Must Have Android Apps for 2017

what do you think the most importance app for your android device? You may be downloading so many apps and making your device overload. Now give up your list and download these apps. Here our team had collect 10 must android apps that must be on your android device.

What’s Here:

Among the thousands and thousands of apps from the Google Play, we have tackled everything from the view of the user. With this apps bundle installed on your device, you can do anything. This collection is the baseline for the users that everyone must consider.

How we have Chosen the Apps

We have tested the android security and prepare the reviews for the apps. We have done the experiment with new android users rather than average users which show the satisfaction of the users.

We find the Evernote great tool most essential for managing to do list. Apps like Google drive and last pass helped me to work done fast. The app swift key leads to manage the email in a super fast way. The PicsArt Photo Studio app provides more opportunities to share masterpiece pictures of your cell to the web whereas Slacker Radio manages the playlist for you.

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What’s Missing?

We haven’t listed here the games. It’s hard to list the game here because the game has to variety and we will guide you to the games topic in the next session. Let’s go through these galaxies of Android apps that you must not have to miss to installed in your device.

Must Have Android Apps

1. Comics

Are you crazy about the comic book? Stop roaming around the bookstore and download the app. The free app is the excellent app for The digital comics. Depending upon your location you can buy the books within a click.

2. Evernote

Evernote is the best tool for managing to do list that you must install on your device. Record the task, note the task or anything for the remainder it quickly notices you. The feature optical character recognition will help you to find the photos quickly.

3. Feedly

For reading news and blogs around the web, you must download Feedly which helps you get all the news feeds in a single app. If you like more stylish app for reading you can try Flipboard.

4. Google Drive

Google drive does not replace the desktop office utilities but with the app installed on your device, you can access your files from anywhere. There is no doubt that Google drive is an excellent mobile office suite.

5. Inbox by Gmail

The app Inbox helps to manage your emails and remain updated.

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6. LastPass

you may be forgetting the password of the websites and applications but the last pass helps you to manage and generate unique passwords. The app last pass atomically retrieves the correct information.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is the amazing app that helps to share your photo on the web just like Instagram but with more features. Enjoy the filters and make your photos different than others.

8. Pocket Casts

Manage and sync all your favorite podcasts. This the excellent app that you must download in your device.

9. Slacker Radio

Slacker radio provides you the huge library of songs. The app has huge streaming content which has make the app so popular.

10. SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard gives you the new taste of typing. Drag the thumb to the letter to letter and form a word. You will find the keyboard amazing and excited to use it.

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