Top 10 Facts About Nepalese Royal Massacre

The Nepalese royal massacre was surely something out of a horror movie that Nepalese people can never forget in the duration of their lives. The dark day in history was marked by a huge controversy but there are some facts about the massacre that is never to be forgotten.

The dark event occurred on the 1st of June in the house on the grounds of the Narayanhity Palace. Ten members, along with the members of the royal family were killed during the monthly reunion dinner of the royal family in the house. The King Birendra of Nepal, as well as his wife Queen Aishwarya, was killed. While in a coma, Prince Dipendra, the King’s son, became the de jure King of Nepal. He, however, died in the hospital three days later, without recovering from the coma. Scroll below to know about the top 10 facts about the Nepalese royal massacre.

Facts about the Nepalese royal massacre

  1. TulBahadur Sherchan

TulBahadur Sherchan is the bold personality who came forward and claimed responsibility for the whole incident under question. While it was publicly announced that King Birendra was responsible for the entire incident, the news did not sit well with the people of the nation of Nepal. After 8 years, a man named TulBahadur Sherchan suddenly came forward to claim that he was responsible for all the aspects of the royal massacre. He revealed the details in a reporter’s meeting in a drastic and suspicious matter. This issue has not still been solved. This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre.

  1. Girija Prasad’s declaration after the event

People believe that the Royal massacre is a fishy detail, also because of the declaration he gave for the people of the country. There was no probing into the details of the incident. He just declared that the truth would come up in front of the entire nation really soon.  This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. There was no mentioned about the interest to look into the details of the massacre. This fact has created a lot of confusion in the public.

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  1. Where were the ADC’s during the massacre?

If King Dipendra killed everyone using his gun, what was the ADC’s doing during the massacre. How were they locked into a room? Why did not they come out of their rooms once they heard the gunshot sounds? Why did the Indian government declare that there was no scheme involved in the Nepalese massacre? There are the questions that have not yet been answered till date.

  1. Security officials as well as the doctor

Within the palace, a huge number of guards with lethal weapons were deployed. Anyone among them might have done the massacre with ease. Why was the blame put on Dipendra, who was himself unconscious during the shooting?

Also, Dipendra was in a coma for three days and his regular doctor was obstructed from seeing him time and again. Who did that and what is the reason behind it? The new doctor was responsible for carrying out the tests and simply declared him dead. There was no postmortem of the body and was taken straight away from cremation. Why was there no post mortem for such a grave event? This is also one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre.

  1. India’s role in the massacre?

King Birendra rejected the Indian proposal for security and water resource management. King Birendra has concluded a secret arms purchase with China and wanted to show that Nepal has the sovereignty right to determine its own defense requirements. The matter, however, cooled down after the economic blockade that India declared over Nepal. However, India’s absence of control of the security related activities might be the reason behind India’s role in the massacre. The Maoist leader Pushpa Kamla Dahal has also clearly declared India’s role in the massacre.

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  1. Two masked men

Raktakunda is a Nepali novel which clearly declares and puts forward the details behind the Royal massacre. Krishna Abiral, a journalist, interviewed one of the surviving witnesses and has clearly stated all the details of the royal massacre in the novel that has been written. The book deducts the declaration that Dipendra killed his parents, siblings, and relatives. The author states that there were two men, masked as Crown Prince Dipendra. He states that the fired the shots that led to the massacre. Who were the two masked men? This is a question that still haunts many. This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre.

  1. Gyanendra BirBikram Shah

It was surprising that the younger brother of King Birendra, Gyanendra Bur Bikram Shah was outside the alley when the incident occurred on the Friday night of the family gathering. The family member’s on Birendra’sside was all shot down, but those of Gyandendra’s side were unharmed in all respects. This can be coincident but people still question the event.

  1. Account of Chakra Bastola

Chakra Bastola, a former minister who was the foreign minister at that time, also has a different account of the activities that took place during the Royal Massacre. He started during the 13th day of the death of former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, that Girija was also invited to the event of the Royal Massacre. There was also a plan to kill him off. Also, after the Royal Massacre, there was some shooting in Girija’s car. It brings people to a conclusion that the entire massacre was a planned plot.

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  1. Self-bombing

It was also declared that some manual bombs got off automatically during the firing event. It has been said that Queen Aishwarya fell victim to such an incident of a manually operated weapon getting off on its own during the shooting. This is surely a suspicious statement that was made to the general public after the Royal Massacre.

  1. Solemnization of the new King

There were a lot of problems that came up during the solemnization of the new King Gyanendra. People protested in several places and four people were killed during the solemnization and crowning o the new king, people were not satisfied with the events that took place and the reasons that were given to the public in regards to the royal massacre. A huge amount of youth had completely disagreed to the entire event. A huge number of people suffered injuries during the solemnization event. It clearly states that the general public is still not satisfied with whatever information has been put towards them and would surely like to know the truth about the entire event.

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