Express Entry : The easiest way to Migrate Canada

Canadian immigration designed a new system to provide the permanent residents based on the skilled work of a person to settle in Canada. This process is called ‘Express Entry’. It was started from 2015. A candidate has collected most asked questions with their answer so it will be easy for our readers to understand about the express entry and to apply for it.

How Express Entry works

Below are the 3 federal economic immigration programs that manage the express entry application.

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

The Express Entry has only two steps to apply

Step 1:

The applicant must fill all the details in the express entry profile.

Applicants’ skills, Their work experience at least 12 months with paid duty, Their language ability (IELTS marks differs from country to country), Education background other details that determine that you are professional.

Step 2:

Points are awarded to the applicants using the information from the step 1. With the point-based system which is also called Comprehensive Ranking System, highest-ranking candidates are invited to apply for permanent residence. A job offer letter, nomination documents from a province or territory, skills and experience are the factors that determine the points in a point-based system.

Get your application for permanent residence ready

If your profile is strong you will be invited to apply. You must have to fill and submit your application within 60 days. Some documents take longer to prepare eg police certificate for this type of documents you must have to keep them ready. So, that you can fill and submit the form in time.

Try to improve your score

The main thing is the points. There are some factors that help you to rank up the points. Follow these tips and improve your points to get more chances to be invited.

Valid job offer is also the factor that adds points to your profile. With the highest International English language testing system (IELTS) you will get more points. So, improve the language score. Improve your education, apply with the highest qualification. Gain more work experience.

Apply with accurate Details in your profile

IF you are invited and unable to submit the information you have provided for permanent residence. The Express Entry will refuse the application and barred you from applying for Canada for 5 years.

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