Best 10 Small Business scopes in Nepal [Business in Nepal]

Nepal is an emerging economy that is miles away from being called as one of the developing nations on earth. Needless to state, the opportunities to prosper in this country are both less and more. If you have the right ideas about what appeals to the people, you will certainly have a profitable business in a less investment cost at no time. Read on to find the best 10 small business scopes in Nepal.  The bottom line is, however, to ensure that you do some feasibility studies before embarking on any entrepreneurial activity.

Top Small Business scopes in Nepal

  1. Tuition Center

As an emerging economy, educational status has been increasing on an exponential level in Nepal too. More and more people are looking forward to being educated and well versed in all aspects of academics. Tuition centers have thus emerged as best 10 small business scopes in Nepal. English language tuition centers are the most famous ones as of now. Tuition centers for plus 2 students, SEE students and for difficult subjects in Bachelor studies, makes for a profitable business endeavor that is surely set to last a long time.

  1. Mobile Shop

Mobile shops are also an emerging small business scope in Nepal. With more and more people moving towards modernization and the use of mobile phones, the need to repair and sell mobiles has increased many folds as of now. Mobile shops are a great way to sell a product with a profitable margin, sell the accessories of mobile phones in profit margins and repair mobile phones. It is a profitable business endeavor which is surely set to last a long time.

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  1. Computer Trainer

Computer-based training is a must for all schools and colleges as of now. With the advent of technology in a fast-paced world, the need to keep up is strong. Needless to state, computer trainer institutes are emerging as one of the best 10 business scopes in Nepal. Computer trainer simply requires one to keep up with the emerging trends in technology. There will be no shortage of students aspiring computer geeks who will look forward to being a trained computer geek.

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  1. Yoga Center

People in Nepal are moving towards modernization, and are focused towards improving their strength as an individual. Health conscious individuals are growing abundantly all over Nepal. Yoga Centers are hence an emerging business trend in Nepal. Yoga Center is a place for people to explore their inner beings, and people are interested in paying a certain sum of money to improve their health. Health-related businesses are hence one of the best 10 small business scopes in Nepal.

  1. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate consultant advises clients on investment decisions in the market arena. These decisions are necessary for individuals wishing to invest in a real estate.  People are ready to pay any amount of money to be advised on a profitable endeavor. Real estate consultant is also one of the best 10 small business scopes in Nepal.

  1. Event Photographer

Event photography is also emerging as successful business endeavors. Event photographers can earn the amount of a month’s salary of a normal individual in just about a day. People nowadays are ready to spend a considerable amount of money in making their memories live long, and make their experiences captured perfectly in the form of photographs. Event photographers have emerged as one of the most earning people in Nepal and this is business endeavors that any talented individual can invest on.

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  1. Web Designing & Hosting

Almost every business and institutions create web pages in this era. Web designing and hosting are thus emerging as a big small business which gives sure shot profit in the long run. With new companies emerging every passing day, and with e-commerce and e-business being the future way to market things, the web design and hosting field is surely set to stay for a long time to come.

  1. Catering service

Catering service is a small business endeavor that is surely never going to go out of fashion. People will always have ways to celebrate something or the other, and catering services are a must have a thing for all the celebrations to take place. Catering Service is a cool business idea that requires little investment but gives a huge profit amount.

  1. Travel Agency/Tourist Guide

Another business idea on the list of best 10 small business scopes in Nepal is that of a travel agency or tourist guide.  Nepal is a country blessed abundantly in terms of geographical diversity and cultural variety. Based on this, the number of tourists visiting this beautiful country is massive, and it is surely set to grow more in the days to come. Becoming someone to cater to the needs of these people, is a perfect idea to start up a small business in a small coast and making sure that the profit lasts long.

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  1. Restaurant and Bar/Fast Food shop

People in Nepal are getting more fun to love and outgoing in the past decade. Restaurant and bar/ fast food shops are hence emerging as profitable business endeavors which are surely set to last even in the years to come. Showcase your talent for making the stomachs of people happy, and earn a considerable amount of money doing the same. Restaurant and Bar/Fast Food shop are also one of the 10 best small business scopes in Nepal.

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