Best jobs in Nepal – Best Job Searching Sites in NEPAL

Finding jobs is not as difficult as it was in some years ago. With the advent of technology and the creation of a number of job search sites, it is easier to find a job now, than it was before. Best job in Nepal can be found out suing the best three best job searching sites in Nepal. These sites have the most comprehensive list of jobs which can be searched on basis of category and educational qualification.

Best job Searching Sites in NEPAL

1. claims to have over five million unique visitors every month from all over Nepal. The claim does not seem to be false as it has emerged to be one of the most followed and stayed job searching sites in Nepal. Acting as an inevitable bridge between employees and employers, creates better chances of getting closer to candidates that interest employers. It is a critical communicating platform for employers and employees and it gives good exposure of talented individuals to the right employers. The special features of this site include personalized services for employers and the exposure to national and multinational clients. Other features include:

  • Specialized creation of resume.
  • Jobseeker and Employer accounts.
  • Specialized dashboard and ease of access to previously applied jobs.
  • Job separation on the basis of category.
  • Personalized chat services to chat with officials.
  • Tips and tricks to get through interviews and to create personalized resumes by giving some amount of fee.
  • Clear differentiation of jobs on basis of Top Jobs, Hot Jobs, Featured jobs etc.
  • Personalized job alert mailing system.
  • Advertisement services.
  • Blog posts about getting the right job.

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2. is yet another hugely popular website that has attracted a lot of job seekers and employers to be seen on the social media platform. This site has thus emerged as one of the three best job searching sites in Nepal. It offers superior resume management software and a comprehensive selection of services. It aims to bring the local talent to the international arena and has successfully been able to do so. The special features of the site are:

  • Job categorization on basis of recent jobs, category, type, city, and newspaper.
  • Categorization of the basis of IT Jobs, I/NGOs Jobs, Hospitality Jobs and Government Jobs.
  • Categorization of companies on basis of Hot jobs,
  • Services like Direct Recruitment and Vacancy Announcement.
  • A FAQ section and help desk.
  • Personalized resume creation.
  • Creation of separate resume on basis of type of job.
  • Easy interface to find the best job.

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3. falls third on the list of the best three job searching sites in Nepal. With free sign up facilities, categorization of jobs and specialized services, this site is slowly becoming equally popular in the job searching market and the previous two apps. It offers free job posting services and is in a beta testing phase. Features of this site are:

  • Services like Placement Services, Outsourcing, HR Consulting and Job Posting Services.
  • Easy to use and simple interface.
  • Categorization of jobs on basis of Premium Jobs and Recent/ Hot Jobs.
  • Categorization based on the company as well as based on the title.
  • Search Jobs by Category, Industry, and Newspaper.
  • Easy to use both by job seekers and employers.

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