Salary of Government officials of Nepal including President and Prime Minister

According to the recently announced budget, the question of the monthly income of VIPs, including President and PM has been fixed. Till now we were not concerned about the salary limits of VIPs, including President and PM but now it has been fixed by the Minister of Finance. In this article, we will give the answer to the question that is “how much the state pays to the VIPs, including President and Prime Minister, monthly?”

The Minister of Finance of Nepal has revived the monthly scale of the government service holders, VIPs, including President and PM from this starting new fiscal year. Well talking about the salary of President it is Rs 150,450 per month. In addition, the salary scale of Prime Minister has fixed to Rs 77,280 per month.

In the following table, you can have a glance at the salary scale of the government service holders, VIPs, including President and PM. The list is of monthly salary that the VIPs draw from the state coffers. The list includes the salary of the president, prime minister and other 25 VIPS of the country.

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Designation Monthly salary

  1. President Rs 150,450
  2. Vice President Rs 106,030
  3. Prime Minister Rs 77,280
  4. Deputy Prime Minister Rs 65,200
  5. Cabinet Minister Rs 60,970
  6. State Minister Rs 57,780
  7. Assistant Minister Rs 56,490
  8. Speaker Rs 67,320
  9. Deputy Speaker Rs 60,970
  10. Leader of Main Opposition Party Rs 60,970
  11. Chief Whip of Ruling Party Rs 60,970
  12. Chief Whip of Main Opposition Party Rs 57,780
  13. Whip of Ruling Party Rs 57,780
  14. Chairperson of Committee under Parliament Rs 57,780
  15. Member of Parliament Rs 55,230
  16. Chief Justice of Supreme Court Rs 73,680
  17. Justice of Supreme Court Rs 60,970
  18. Head of Constitutional Bodies Rs 57,780
  19. Member of Constitutional Bodies Rs 54590
  20. Attorney General Rs 60,970
  21. Chief Secretary Rs 58,880*
  22. Secretary Rs 54,848*
  23. Chief of Nepal Army Staff Rs 58,880*
  24. Inspector General of Nepal Police Rs 54,848*
  25. Inspector General of Armed Police Force Rs 54,848*

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These salaries scale was been enforced by the Cabinet meeting this year, to be effective from the new fiscal year which has begun since Saturday, July 16. The scale also includes the salary for the staffer to draw the least monthly pay from the state coffers is a recruit of the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force, who gets Rs 16,830. According to the annual budget announcement for the new fiscal, the government had announced to raise the salary of civil servants by 25 percent in total.

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