Google Allo: A Smarter Messaging App

Whether it party tonight and you must inform your friends or it’s the time for the date with the lover we used to relay the message. Most of the time our conservation stock or get paused due to the application bugs. So the greatest search engine has created a new messaging app Google Allo which will help you to message your friends without any errors or difficulties. The instant messaging app was launched on September 21, 2016, and available for both Android and iOS operating system.

You can find more information which helps you to connect easily.

Respond quickly with Smart Reply. One of the most important features of the app is the quick and smart relay. You can keep on conservation with your friend in a smart way. With just a tap you can respond to your friend’s message.

If your friend sends a photo then the smart relay will also recommend to response with the photo. It’s the new way of responding and the best way to keep the conservation .Stay touch and change your style over time.

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Express yourself with photos, unique emojis, and stickers. Chat is not just the text in Google Allo. Use larger and smaller texts, unique emoji and more than 25 custom stickers pack. Edit the photos put different effects before you send.

Meet your personal Google Assistant In Google Allo allows you for personal Google Assistant. With this feature, you can ask questions and get the things done.You can also share Your favorite Tube videos with friends. You can bring the google assistant in chat writing @google.

Here are the few ways that Google Allo’s Assistant can help you. Make new plans with your friends. If you are planning for dinner or dance bar tonight then join the chat. Just add the Assistant in the chat it will do the further task. You can also search for travel destinations,hotel searches,flight booking etc together with your friends.

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Get answers. It hard to get all the answer in a place But you can get the latest information about weather, news, traffic details,flight details . As you set the assistant for daily updates it will care about you.

Have some fun. If you are in mood for joking ask the YouTube to share comedy videos in the chat.make your conservation more fun with the feature. So without delay download the app and enjoy the Instant messaging app Google Allo.

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