Visit Nepal: 15 Best Natural Beautiful Places to Visit Nepal

Normally human beings move from one place to another place for pleasure, business, and pilgrimage and mostly for adventure purpose. It is usually done for the limited period of time and people visit new places and learn about new things, ideas and get information about culture, art, and lifestyle of other people living there. Likely, many people come to visit Nepal for looking natural beauty of the country. The country Nepal is full of mountains & hills. We can found various natural beauty such as lakes, rivers, caves, Mt. Everest etc lies in this country. It is landlocked country situated in between India & China. Nepal is one of the most beautiful places in the world and is a piece of heaven on the whole Earth. Nepal is blessed with its natural beauty and its natural diversities too. So, it’s called best natural places to visit Nepal before you die. In this article, we are going to show you best places to make your memorable visit Nepal.

Natural Beautiful Places to Visit Nepal

  1. Mount Everest

The highest mountain in the world with the height of 8848m known as Sagarmatha is situated in Nepal which is the power point to attract most of the mountain over from all around the world. It is situated in Solukhumbu district. It is the crown of Nepal which is climbed by most of the people all around the world. Many people come to visit Nepal in order to climb this mountain. There are many other base camps for this mountain which are reached from Lukla passing the Namche Bazaar.

  1. Lumbini

The renowned place of Nepal Lumbini is the born place of Lord Gautam Buddha who was born in Lumbini in 563 BC. He was the son of King Suddhodhana and Queen Maya of the Sakya Kingdom which was located in the middle of Lumbini. The distance from the capital to Lumbini is about 230 KM. Lumbini was announced as the Foundation of world peace and pilgrimage for all those people who did peace, love. This place is located 25 km east from Kapilvastu where Lord Buddha spends his childhood and lived till he was 29 years.

This place has a number of stupas, temples including Mayadevi temple which is one of the biggest temples of Nepal named after his mothers. Along with the temples there are are many Gumba made by Chinese, Japanese, Germans, and Koreans too. The place is full of art and carving which has many sculptures too. There is a big stone pillar in the Lumbini Garden made by the Indian Emperor Ashoka which is named after him as Ashoka Pillar.

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  1. Mustang 

Mustang is also called as last forbidden kingdom. It is a barren landscape which contains the little patch of fertile land. But Mustang is like an Oasis in a desert because of color field and bright lights. The living style and culture of the people living there are especially the major attraction for tourists and visitors which are interested in trekking and mountain climbing too.

  1. Phoksundo Lake

This lake has occupied 4.8 km long, 1.5 K.M. wide and 145 Meters depth from the sea level when measured. In the local area nearby this lake, people know this lake as “Rigmo”. It is also located in the midwestern development regions of Karnali zones of Dolpa districts in the bottom of Kanjirowa mountain. It reflects the shadow of mountain Kanjirowa and its beauty.

  1. Rara Lake

Rara is another biggest and deepest lakes to visit Nepal. It is also known by the name of Mahendra Daha. It occupied the area 5.2 K.M. as a length 2 K.M. as a breath and 167 meters is a depth of this lake. This biggest and deepest lake is located in Jumla and Mugu district of Karnali. It is in the south-west of the Nepal and located in midwestern development regions of Nepal. It occupied the total area of 10.4 square kilometers above the 3200 M. from the sea level. Lakes Rara reflects the shadow of mountains Kanjirowa and Sisne and beauty of it.

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  1. Tilicho Lake

Tilicho Lake is another famous lake of Nepal. it is the highest lake of Nepal even count in the world as the highest lake. It is located in the Manang district in the south-west of the Nepal. It is standing at 4919 M. from the sea level which shows it is the highest lake. It has occupied the largest area 4 k.m. as a length and 1.5 km as a breath. It is located in the midwestern development regions of Nepal. It shows the natural beauty of Nepal.

  1. Dolpa

It is one of the famous tourist places which is surrounded by mountains especially Dhaulagiri and border by China in the north. Dolpa is popular for immaculate snowy peaks, ancient and isolated villages, rich wildlife, a pristine Buddhist monastery and wonderful lakes. It is located at upper part of Dolpa district of western parts of Nepal in Tibet. Some parts of these regions also lie in the national park Shey Phoksundo. These regions have saved the Tibetan culture. So, it’s virgin places to visit Nepal

  1. Gosaikunda Lake 

It is a lake in Nepal which is the border with Nepal and Tibet. Some people believe and state that as this lake is Lord Shiva Lake and idol of Lord Shiva. There are many small and medium-size lake of Gosaikunda. There is also a pilgrim’s site of Hindu and buddies. This lake is located in the Rasuwa district at the altitude of 4380 meters from the sea level when measured. There are more than 108 lakes in it. These lakes froze for six months October to June in the winter.

  1. Sarangkot 

Sarangot is famous for paragliding which lies in western parts of Gandaki zones Kaski district in Pokhara. This place is located at the altitude of 1600 m from the sea level. It is mainly renowned for Himalayan views Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Annapurna as well as down valley of Phewa lake and Pokhara city.

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  1. Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna base camp is one of the famous mountains in which it is said to be 10th highest mountains with the height of 8095 meters from the sea level when measured. It is the best mountains for trekking in it with it climates. We can see the shadows of this mountain in the Lake Phewa and its natural beauty when the sun rises in the morning.

  1. Phewa Lake 

It is one of the biggest lakes of Nepal. It is located in Pokhara, Kaski district of Gandaki zone. This lake is most famous for tourist. Most of the tourist came to visit the lake and do booting in this lake. This lake shows and reflects the shadow of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre mountains which are the famous mountains in the world and also shows the beauty of nature. It is also known as the 2nd biggest lake which has occupied the total area of 4 square K.M. in which length of 4.8 K.M. and breath as 1 K.M.

  1. Poon Hill

The Poon Hill is most popular for trekking. If the tourist wants to go Poon Hill trek they can choose two routes. First is Annapurna Base Camp via the Poon Hill route and second is Poon Hill Trekking only. Most of the travelers preferred the first one because you can experience the wonderful and amazing experience of Natural beauty.

  1. Panch Pokhari

Panch Phokari is said to be in the 9th highest altitude lake in the world. It is located in a central Himalayan region of Nepal. It has tough 3 districts Sindhulpalchok, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa of central development regions. It is also a group of 5 Hindu holy lakes of Nepal. It is situated at 41000 meters from the sea level when measured. It lies in Langtang national parks. It lies in the north of the Kathmandu valley.

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  1. Chitwan National Park 

Chitwan national park is famous for one horn rhino, Bengal tiger, gharial crocodile, giant hornbill, elephant, and other animals. It has occupied 936 square kilometers which are located in central development regions and center parts of Nepal. It is established in 1973. It was a list in the name of world heritages in 1984 by UNESCO. This national park has covered 3-4 districts. The main area of this national park is Chitwan but it has tough Parsa, Nawalparasi, and Makanpur.

  1. Khaptad National Park 

Khaptad national park is one of the protected area and tourist places of Nepal. It lies in the far western development regions which were established in 1984 which occupied the area of 225 square kilometers. It is stretch up to four districts of Bajura, Doti, Bajhang, and Achham. It ranges is 1400 m to 3300 m from the sea level. In this national park, it is estimated that 11 percent about 567 species of plants are found in it. 224 species of medicinal herbs and 270 species of birds are found in this national park.

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