15 Things Every Nepal Traveler Needs to Know

Nepal is a wonderland that you must visit once in your lifetime. The natural beauty, the culture, and the religious harmony are regarded the country as one of the best countries in the world. Here are some of the things that every Nepal traveler must need to know before the trip to Nepal.

Every Nepal Traveler Needs to Know

1. Greetings. The word “Namaste” refers the greeting. You can also say Namaste joining the palms together.

2. Be aware of bands/ Strike. Normally due to the political instability they held the strike. So before you plan for the trip try to get the information whether there is any strike or not.

3. Food Safety. You can see many small hotels and stops. While taking the food be aware of readymade foods that may not support your digestion.

4. Don’t trek alone. There are so many stories of the disappearance of the travelers. Most of them have the problem of the way they miss it most of the times. You can take the help of the guide or the travel maps before you leave for the visit.

5. Traveling on bicycle or motorbike doesn’t seem appropriate due to the land structure of the country. Although visiting the main cities on bicycle or motorbike can be done but using public vehicles is recommended. There are some off-road trails for the mountain bikes but confirm about the trails with the guides or the travel agencies before you go.

6. Normally you can see beggars asking you for money but don’t provide them the money. If you do so they will be encouraged for asking more money. If you really want to support them you can provide the help to the charity organizations, which are working for their betterment.

7. Before you leave the country don’t forget to exchange the currency you have. The Nepalese money is no anymore accepted outside of the country.

8. The committed time (Verbal or written) in Nepal is not appropriate, they may delay. So you must consider the matter. That’s like the habit in Nepal.

9. You can see common marijuana plants around the hills of Nepal. It is not legal to consume or to collect them.

10. Be aware in Most of the dance bars in the major cities of the country they make you scam for buying the drinks and food at high rates.

11. Most of the times there is power shortage throughout the country. So carry the flashlight at the night time.

12. Mainly the market closes by 10 PM. make you have all the necessary items before 10.

13. Nepal uses 220 Volts if you are carrying any electrical equipment’s never forget to pack the universal plug and adapter kit.

14. Most of the cities avoid plastic bags, so you can carry paper bags instead and support to maintain the environment.

15. Before traveling in the cars confirm about the rates/ charges. Sometimes they charge you more if you travel without asking the fare.

These 15 points every Nepal traveler needs to know. Remember the points and visit the country without any hassle.

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