Mount Everest Climbing – What You Need to Know?

Mt. Everest is well known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet. It is the highest peak in the world with the height of 8848m. How will you feel to be on the top of the world? Have you imagined the moment? To experience the wonderful moment you must climb the Everest. Mount Everest Climbing is physically and psychologically challenging task to do. You need climbing experiences to kiss the summit of the Everest.

You must know this information before Mount Everest Climbing

Everest Routes

If you planning to climb Mount Everest you must have to confirm from which route you are climbing the peak. There are two main routes for climbing Everest. They are:

  1. Northeast Ridge from Tibet
  2. Southeast ridge from Nepal.

Mt Everest North Ridge route – If you are planning to climb from The Northeast Ridge you must travel to Lasha to start the journey to base camp. The Northeast Ridge (Tibet) Base Camp is at the height of 5,180 m. The base camp is located on a gravel plain which is below the Rongbuk Glacier. The best time to climb Everest is during April and May.

Southeast Ridge from Nepal – The Southeast Ridge from Nepal is the easier and frequently used route to climb Everest. If you are planning to climb Everest from the southeast ridge you must start a journey from Namche Bazar which places also known as the gate to Everest.

The base is located at the height of 5380 meters. It takes roughly 6-8 days to reach the camp taking the supports of yaks and porter. Crossing The Khumbu Ice Fall has been a difficult task of the climb to the base. The Hillary’s and the Tenzing Norkey Sherpa’s steps had made the route easy although climbing a mountain more than 8000 meters is an enormous challenge.

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Everest Technical Skills

The Everest surface is sometimes rocky and sometimes sleepy icy terrain. To make your dream true to the summit of the Everest you must have climbing experiences and knowledge of the use of the equipment while climbing.

High Altitude Progressions

Do not attempt to eat so big, start from the little. There is a lot of peaks start doing the task from the small one. Take the experience to have in high altitude and the low altitude. Try some mountain climbing adventurous trips to Nepal and collect the experience before the first tackling the greatest challenge climbing to Everest.

Psychological Requirements

Made a strong desire or be psychologically ready. You are always waiting a moment to move to the higher part of the mountain. In some cases you become sick but you must perform.

This is the first level of information about Mount Everest Climbing. Keep in touch with us, we will provide you various information about it and Nepal. 

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