The Best Currency Converter Apps For Android

If you travel a lot you must have an app that helps to convert the currency in different countries. Here are some of the top currency converter apps for android that are tested by our Download these apps and be updated daily with the exchange rate of the countries.

The best currency converter apps:

Currency Converter- Exchange

It is the free android Currency Converter app which provides the exchange rates over 150 countries. The app is user-friendly and provides the best feature. It can calculate the currency without the internet connection too.

Travel Exchange Rate

Travel Exchange Rate is the next fast and easy currency converter app prefer by users.It can suggest the users around the currency details of 212 countries .

Unit Converter

Unit Converter is not only a currency converter; it will help you to convert the 30+ units used in regular life. It’s an amazing collection of tools that every android device must have.

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Forex Currency Rates

This is the global currencies and metal ranging application. This track the currency rate and metal rates globally. It is one of the most popular apps that travelers must have on their phone.

XE Currency

It is one of the most downloaded apps (more than 5 million) as foreign exchange. It provides the users about the live currency rates and stocks last update rates. The easy user interface of the app is the awesome part of the app.

Travel Calculator

Before traveling somewhere carry the app which supports the customized rates. Update the app anywhere and in any time. Convert 100 of currencies using the apps.

Easy Currency Converter

The app  keeps you update over 180 country currencies and four major metals. Make your own currency list and find the currency easily.

Keep on the update with these live exchange rates. Enjoy the online and offline features app while you want to do the exchange. You can find the rates quickly and easily searching the country name, currency or symbol from the box. From these apps, you can ustomize the appearance and enjoy the different themes. Just choose one of the above Currency Converter apps and always stay updated about the foreign currencies rates.

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