How to Climb Mount Everest? You Must Know Something Before Making Plan

The highest mountain in the Earth is Mount Everest which is located in Nepal is the lofty mountain in the Himalayas. Many people have attempted to climb Mount Everest. Some become successful whereas some are still trying to get success. It is relatively easy to climb if you take the right route at the right moment.

How to Climb Mount Everest?

The problems toward southeast edge are you have to face danger howling winds and extreme altitudes. If you are planning to climb Mount Everest, you would better improve your fitness and have an enthusiastic attitude towards the idea. Edmund Norgay and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953 climbed Everest for the first time and they found the southeast route for the first time.

The challenges given by Everest are even difficult for the fit people so, you better get seriously fit. And when we are talking about fitness it’s not only your physical strength challenged, but so will your mental strength. You have to focus on exercises that will improve cardiovascular and strength. You have to practice waking up flights of stairs with weights like you will have to climb on Everest.

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If you have the positive attitude toward climbing mountains then you have to try climbing other mountains first so that you can have a bit experience about what you will have to face while climbing Everest. Learn technical climbing skills like mountaineering, climbing and navigational skills. You also need to have the better idea about bushwhacking, rope handling, belaying and tying knots, river crossings, rappelling, navigation and rock rescue skills.

You have to make yourself prepare against the risks and dangers that you may face while climbing Everest. Problems such as fatigue, ice falls, lack of oxygen, high altitudes, harsh weather conditions and frostbite may take your life. You have to understand the symptoms of altitude sickness, its prevention techniques, and emergency treatments as well.

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You also have to be careful when you enter death zone above 8,000 meters (26,000 ft). In this zone there is the high chance of getting frostbitten and low oxygen may also make affect your condition. Since helicopters can’t easily reach the summit if you face any problems such as unable to walk you won’t be rescued. It means you will be left to die and it is not uncommon to come across dead bodies in the mountain.

You have to build up experience. You probably won’t know problems that you have to face in mountains so have at least 3 years of mountaineering experience. You can improve your climbing skills by climbing other mountains that have high altitudes and extreme temperatures which will also improve your physical strength and mental attitude.

To know interesting facts about Mount Everest, watch this video.

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