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Sometimes we see an important video in mobile and unable to download and save them in our device for future purpose. At that, you need the free screen recorder app on your smartphone. With the application you can capture and take screenshots you can also capture the screen video. One of the unique points of the apps is that they are user-friendly, compatible with your device and easy to use.

You can capture any area of your screen either as a screenshot ( photo ) or a video file. With the app, you can record lectures, demos, games, skype calls, Facebook videos etc. Here our expert team of merokalam.Com has featured best free screen recorder mobiles app which will be very helpful for the readers to capture screenshots and videos.

AZ Free Screen Recorder Mobile App 

It is one of the most popular and downloaded apps in google play store. Most of the screen recorders are only compatible after you root the device but no required of root access. The ads free screen recorder app allow you to record for unlimited of time without watermark. Record the video or take the screenshot with a click. The user-friendly apps provide the every feature in a simple way with the extra an ordinary elegant user experience design

You can record the videos in HD and full HD videos. One of the unique features of the app which make it most popular among the user is the paused and resumed feature while recording.

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The other feature of the app is mention below.

  • Magic button: the button that controls the recording without displaying anything on the screen. You can easily record onscreen cast.
  • Overlay front camera: if you want to add your face while the screen records you can use the feature. For the overlay window, you can set the opacity, size, and position
  • Countdown timer: if you have not been prepared for the recording the feature will help you to set for the countdown recording.
  • Draw on screen: with the feature, you can draw a clip over the video you are recording.
  • Trim videos: if you want to delete some unnecessary part of the video which will make the video more impressive.

Additionally, there are many other unique features in this AZ screen recorder, such as setting the opacity of the overlay front camera, video resolution, video quality, bit rate, screen orientation, set the timer to stop, view/share or delete your recorded videos. Download Now.

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