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Travelling provides the refreshment to the mind. For the solo travelers, it is the experience to discover new things around the globe. You may have the apps that help you to find the routes, most of them don’t work online, and they also have hidden cost. Today we are introducing you the best free offline maps for traveling which can be used offline too. Download the excellent navigation app based on offline maps and make your travel easy faster and hassle free.

Enjoy the unlimited navigation features, free map updates for a lifetime with free of cost. With the real-time traffic be hassle free trip without traffic jams. If your speed is too high, the feature will give you the speed limit warnings which will help you to limit the speed and be safe from the accidents. The app is an advance, so it supports the 3d quality. You can easily see the pedestrian, car, or even bee-line navigation with the apps. The night mode helps you to make your trip based on local sunset time.

Features of the offline maps

  • Free of cost for offline GPS navigation
  • Enjoy the offline maps
  • Free map updates for the lifetime
  • Speed warnings to limit the speed of the vehicle
  • 3D display
  • Night Mode

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Features for the premium

If you want to use the advanced feature for the first time you install it will be free for 90 days. One of the unique features of the app is voice guided navigation which is available in the premium version for the lifetime. In the advanced version, you can enjoy the real-time traffic which makes your trip hassle free, easy and faster. Get rid of the traffic jams and other problems in the way. The multi-language voice navigation helps the users to navigate in their language. Get the speed camera warnings for the speedy. A travel book, lane guidance and track recording are the others feature that you will be provided in premium.

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  • Real-time traffic navigation
  • Multi-language voice navigation ( supports more than ten languages)
  • Speed camera warnings to limit speed
  • Lane guidance
  • Track recording
  • Navigate to the photo
  • Travel book guide
  • Support

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Download offline maps to Google play & Apple Store. Keep in touch with our site Our dedicated team is always ready to deliver more updates with these type of life-changing apps.

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