How to Use Skype Without Internet Connection

How do you call your family members, relatives, and friends who are abroad? Using normal call is so expensive and not affordable for a normal people. You may be thinking to use Viber, Messenger or IMO this app only works when there is an internet connection. But if you are looking for some ways to make the international calls than you can use Skype. The New feature in the Skype, Skype to go helps you to make the international calls at low and affordable rates without using the internet. Using your landline and mobile phone you can enjoy the international calls in very low rates.

To call in the Skype to go is so easy. After signing to the ‘Skype to go’, add the international number to your contact list that you prefer to call to, the company will provide you the local number that the Skype to go number. For e.g. If you living in Nepal and want to call a friend in London. Just add the number of your London friend in your contact list you will be given the local number of Nepal in which your London friend will receive the call.

Use Skype without Internet connection

You can call to all countries around the world using the Skype to go expect Egypt, Morocco, and Nigeria. You can add up to 30 numbers in the list which covers the pretty large number of the contact in the list for cheap calling. Especially the charge of the call depends upon the plan you are using. Mainly there are two things that matter for the call.

  • The operator charge: While calling to the local number provided by the Skype To Go you are also using the telephone company (Operator) so you must also pay charges to it.
  • Skype account – While using Skype and calling to the friends to their number you can only pay for the regular call.

Whatever the amount of the local call, the Skype to go charges is The local call plus the plan you have bought in the Skype account.

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Here is the list of features that you can enjoy using the Skype to Go.

  • easy and affordable calling services.
  • Call at low rates depending upon the plan and the location.
  • International Calling services in low rates.
  • Call without the internet or any data plans.

Subscribe and choose your plan for calling your relatives abroad. Stay connected with your family, relatives, and friends Using Skype without the Internet connection.

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