Best Offline Android Apps for Living Without Data

Most of the people think their phone is meaningless without the Internet access. But utilizing in right way and planning makes your phone meaningful everywhere. You can access to some of these offline Android apps which will provide you to read, listen and roam around without any data plan. Don’t believe that these offline Android apps really exist then you can check the below list. One of the best features of the app is that they let you get the stuff without and data plan which means you can save money. If you save $50 per month then it’s really a great amount till the end of the year. It makes you aware of adding more expenses in your life by saving the data plan you buy.

Best 5 popular Offline Android Apps

  • Read Wikipedia Offline: Kiwix

Wikipedia is a wide source of knowledge.Using them in the mobiles consumes a lot of data.To save time and data you can download the app Kiwix and read the articles. TheKiwix supports Zip format. You can save the files in Zim format and read in your leisure time.

  • Google Maps for offline maps

If you have the Google maps on your smartphone, you never have to lose anymore. Download the app and plan your trip.

  • Get your News on FeedMe

FeedMe is an amazing app that lets the users read the News offline. With the RSS feed pulled from the famous newspaper and blogs you can read the articles from the particular one. You can save time as well as money by using the FeedMe. The apps sync the news with the Feedly, the old reader etc for this you must have the account in them.

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  • Transit App for official’s offline schedule

with this unique app Transit, the app helps you to know the schedule for the bus and the train. The live tracking needs the internet but with the help of the site, you will notice about the official time.

  • PlayerFM for listening offline Podcast

What do you do while traveling to the long way? Most of the people prefer to listen to the music as you do? Turn on your favorite podcast and enjoy. You may be worrying about the internet connection But if you download PlayerFM in your device no need to worry about any data plans. One of the unique features of the app is that its ads free.

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Before traveling you must have to know about the Android podcast manager. Download the best one. You can find some of them free.

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