DV Lottery : How to Check DV Lottery Result

The Diversity Immigrant Visa is one of the programs purposed by United State as a lottery which makes us able to receive the United States. Permanent resident card if we are eligible to submit our form and pass the interview. Some specific countries are chosen for this process. The citizens of the country can fill the form online. It is also called as Green Card Lottery where a normal citizen can be the permanent citizen of Unite State. This Diversity Immigrant Visa program (Check DV Lottery) will provide up to 50,000 immigrants visas available annually to the people of different countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

To fill the form of DV you can fill online form free of cost or you can visit divestment place where the people will fill up your form if you are eligible. To fill up the form you must be from an eligible country. You should be educated enough to speak the English language properly. You have to complete at least your higher school education.

If you have two years of work experience then that would be so helpful for further process. You should not have any criminal report, good means of support and good health condition as well. Each time you fill the form you should crop your photo in a proper way. Your photo should be resized so that it should fit the form. The photo should be square with a plain background.

How to Check DV Lottery Result?

While filling the form you should provide the right and true information such as your exact birth date, your email address should be correct, your number name and address should also be correct. You have to be sure about the answer you are providing.

After the process of filling is done you will be provided a code number or confirmation number which is very much important to see your result. Confirmation number should be kept properly. When the result of DV is out then you can visit different sites to check your result. For check DV lottery result, you have login this official site ‘

  • https://www.dvlottery.state.gov/ESC/(S(ux51onbfmvbmsp2zpynktr3j))/CheckStatus.aspx’ 

which will ask for your name, address, email, number and confirmation number that was provided to you during the filling time. If you provide the information correctly then your result will be shown on your screen.

This is how you can fill The Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV lottery) and the United States Permanent Resident Card.

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