How to watch All Nepali TV in mobile? Download Single App

How will look the live programs if the electricity is not available or you are traveling in the car or bus? Are you going to give up your favorite live show? It seems a little hard question to answer. Why worry if an app is on your smartphone. The app provides you access to the all Nepali TV channels, movies, interview, and on- demand videos.

NET TV NEPAL: Best App for All Nepali TV

It is the first mobile OTT IPTV application in Nepal. It is the first IP Television operator (with government license) that offers Ultra high definition quality videos over the smartphones, iPad, tablet, Apple TV, Android tv and IP STB. 4K Video streaming quality is also available over IP Set-top box (STB).

NITV STREAMZ PVT LTD, Kathmandu which has to provide the opportunities and introduced the new technology in Nepal. Wish it will focus to develop open content and create a business hub especially in Nepal for Nepalese. If you have the Android version 4.0 or Above only live Nepali TV and movie can be played for Android Users. For the Android with less than 4.0 users, they can only watch TV Shows and Youtube Plus features. For Ios platform, you must have iOS 5 or above.

The service of the app is only available in Nepal. Nepalese outside can download the similar apps and enjoy Nepali channels with other international channels. Some of the popular Nepali channel includes Nepal TV, NTV Plus, NTV News, Himalaya TV, Avenues TV, Sagarmatha TV, ABC TV, Kantipur TV, Image Channel and the international channel are Sony Mix, Star Sports, AXN, Discovery, HBO, Star Sports, colors, NHK world, BBC, CNN etc. Check out More than 150 Live channels. Get access to the thousand of movies and contents with the app.

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Check out this quick feature of the app: 

  • Live Television

Don’t miss any favorite live programs where ever you are. With DVR you can digitally record the live programs up to 24 hours.

  • Movies

With the single app get access t the different genre of movies. Enjoy watching movies including Nepali, English, Chinese, Hindi etc.

  • Tv Shows

The feature contains all the international shows including Nepali too. Watch the live shows from where ever you are.

  • News

If the user is integrated with NETTV feature you can get the latest updated service in the single app.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS platform. Download an app and enjoy all Nepali TV on mobile. If any queries about the app, just do comment we will reply you as soon as possible.

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