eSewa – One Of The Best Mobile Wallet in Nepal

Nowadays carrying money in the pocket has been dangerous because many criminal activities such as theft, robbery, and kidnapping for money have increased. People don’t find them self-safe while they are carrying because of such activities. So many mobile wallet apps have been introduced so that you can be safe and secure with your monetary problems. You don’t have to carry money inside your pocket. These mobile wallet apps will help you to pay bills and buy goods through digital payment system and will enable you to use unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent anytime you like in order to pay your bill. Among them, eSewa is mostly used in Nepal.

eSewa – Best mobile wallet

eSewa is a mobile app as we all know it is a wallet installed on your phone. It is your wallet on the web and on your mobile device which will help you to pay bills without any cash through your VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent anytime you like.

We can also tell this as a Digital Payment Portal and eSewa has become the widely used Digital Payment Portal of Nepal. This system of Digital Payment Portal will enable the use of hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet. It will also provide the service of using new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities as the user choice.

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Using eSewa is like carrying a bank inside your pocket. You don’t have to carry a single rupee with you but you can have access to your bank account so that you won’t have any problem while paying the bills. Another interesting service provided by eSewa is your eSewa account can be recharged through various options such provided such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and counter deposit through member banks, fund transfer from another eSewa that you have access.

The money that you have in your account can also be used for another purpose. The fund you have in your account can be used for utility payments that you have bought, buying Recharge cards for internet and mobile, making payments when purchasing goods online and also making payments when purchasing through offline stores by accessing the eSewa account through the web or your mobile phone.

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There are many facilities provided by eSewa firstly you can have access to your account through your phone. Secondly, you can transfer your mobile money to your account and lastly, you can use your wallet to remittance transactions. Download eSewa to Android & iTunes.

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