Muglan – Counseling App For Migrant Nepali workers

Nowadays the use of smartphones has increased rapidly. Different types of application are available that can be operated by the use of the smartphone. People can run different programs and perform different work staying on home. They also can have interaction with different people from all around the world. In Nepal, there is an app named Muglan which helps for the Nepali worker who is working in the foreign country. Muglan is an interesting mobile help desk which is associated with the migrant Nepali workers which is developed for the rights of migrant workers who are struggling and earning money in the foreign country. This is an app which is associated with the rights of migrant workers.

Indeed this app is meant to connect Nepali migrants who are in troubles. It helps the worker by providing them with the suggestion that they need to tackle the problems that they are facing in the foreign land. It helps the migrant citizens of Nepal by connecting them directly to official authorities and NGOs through smartphones online and offline. This app also provides the helpline number which through which you can access to the NGOS and embassies.
Every app has their own feature and the main feature of this app is to collect the collecting queries, complaints and providing valuable assistance. This online app also provides different counseling service and facility to send text and audio message to an emergency situation.

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The user of this app can upload their stories and the problems that they are facing in the abroad country. The app will directly share those problems among another user which will aware them. Especially this app is very useful for those who are residing in Nepal, Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates) Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Israel, Lebanon & South Korea because the people who are in these place face many problems than the other ones. This app is also known for its helpline. They provide the service information of Nepalese embassies. They hope that none of the Nepalese people has to face any problems in the foreign land. SO it provides the facility in solving the problems facing the Nepali workers and foreign employment sector.

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Best Features of Muglan App

  • It provides the solution for the problems that the worker are facing in the foreign land.
  • It shares the story of the worker and the problems what they might face in the foreign land which will help them to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking, immigration fraud, such as false premises and document fraud.
  • Useful advice regarding living and working etc.
  • Collect the queries, complaints of Nepali workers and forward to embassies, NGOs.
  • Provide the facility with more than 40 helpline numbers of Nepali mission/embassies, Labor Department, Labour ministries, NGOs.
  • Local emergency numbers (Police, Ambulance, Rescue) as well as the Location Map of Embassies, Organizations.

Check here to download Muglan App.

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