How to Hide Files, Photos, and Apps on Android

How to hide files, photos, and apps on Android? How is safe your phone to keep safe your identity? If you leave your smartphone on the table for the washroom, maybe someone post to your Facebook, tweet in Twitter maybe even access to your bank account and made a purchase. Maybe you have some important pictures that mustn’t be shown to your mother, and she borrows your phone. Maybe you have private videos and messages with personal sensitive information. Maybe your smartphone doesn’t have ‘child-friendly’ apps and your younger brother is asking for the phone to play the angry bird. What will you do?

The development of Technology has made the smartphone, the next matter it has also made the extension to disclose the parts or the apps from others. You can just hide files, photos, and application of your smart device. Let’s discuss the application for hiding the files from your phone.

You may be trying to use NFL Mobile app but you know that they won’t be uninstalled it till you root the phone. Rooting phone means you clearly know that you lost the warranty of the phone. Having too many apps make you difficult to search for the one which you want. You can hide the rarely used apps to get the other apps soon. Hiding the apps makes your phone tray clean as well as you can allow your guest users without any offense. Now, why to do delay for securing you’re personal as well as private information from your mobile? Just go to the google play store and download the app File Hide Expert.

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With this awesome app, you can hide any files including music, video, picture etc. Hide you file within a click with this Fast and reliable app around the world. The app is compatible with the Android phones greater version than KitKat 4.4. Set the password for opening the app or files you wish to open. You can also change the password of the app from the menu of the app. As you hide files they will instantly disappear from the gallery, music player or video player. If you want to unhide the files you can do it from the same app clicking unhide in the right side of the file after entering to the app.

If you hide the file and uninstall the app file hide expert, to get the files back you must have to reinstall the app.

Check out this silent feature of the app.

  • User friendly
  • Hides any types of files
  • Hides in seconds
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and reliable

You are the one, who must have to secure your phone yourself from the other guest users. Download the amazing app and leave thinking the leakage of your private data. Do comment if you love the app. Any questions put them in the comment box we will reply you as soon as we are online. Be safe and secure using the app File Hide Expert.

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