How to Connect Your iPhone to Your TV? Follow Best Ways

This is the era of technology. The technology is almost extended more than we think. The development of tech has made our life easier. Everyone wishes to use the full enjoyment of the tech but they fail due to an idea. Now with your iPhone, you can have a theater system at your home. You can connect the iPhone to your TV and enjoy watching videos, music, and pictures. Not only this you can enjoy the playing games in the TV connecting to your phone. No worry about the versions of the iOS, you can do with most of all iPhones.

How to connect your iPhone to Your TV

  • Method 1.

Using HDMI cables and Digital AV Adapter

Depending upon the different models of the iPhone. For the later versions than 4s, it’s a little easy to do so.You can mirror your iPhone to the TV using HDMI cable and digital AV Adapter but for the previous versions of the iPhone, you must have to do using the app.

  • Method 2

For Analog TVs which don’t support HDMI

You may have old fashioned TV’s that may not support the HDMI cables in that case you can buy the Analog Tv cables from the market.

For the iPhones previous version than 4s, you can use Apple Composite AV Cable which connects to 30-pin connector. The three-prong connector normally in 3 colors (red, green and yellow) can be connected to the TV.
For the iPhones later than 4s versions you can use Apple Lightning to VGA and connect to the TV.

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  1. Method 3

AirPlay and Apple TV

To make your TV play from this method your iPhone must be higher than iPhone 4s and your TV must be the second generation. The second generation refers to the TV that was released at the last of 2010.

Make sure your TV is on and connected to Airplay. Choose your network to the home Network (Up to iOS 8 the TV and the mobile must be on the same network for the update version it is not compulsion). Click on the mirroring option and enjoy video, music, and pictures on the TV. To stream a new item on the TV, go to the media and tap to Airplay button, click next that will send streaming the new item to the TV.

You can choose any one option depending upon the version of the iPhone and the TV. Get your home theater using your TV and iPhone.

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