Learn Korean into Nepali Languages through App

It is mandatory to state that the Korean language has emerged as a new scope of gaining job prospects in Nepal. A huge chunk of Nepal’s population has moved towards Korea to make a living, and the craze for learning the Korean language has become better over time. Hence arises the need to learn Korean into Nepali languages through the app. Mentioned below are the apps which convert the Korean language to Nepali, so that you have a better understanding of the Korean language and its usability over time. Learn the Korean language from the comfort of your fingertips.

Learn Korean into Nepali Languages

Korean Nepali dictionary

The Korean Nepali dictionary has been created by ‘My Work Book’ and is a perfect Korean into Nepali language converter app that will facilitate your Korean language learning process. The app has been designed in such a way that you will not have to be connected to the internet at all times to use it. The database is downloaded to your phone for the first time you use the app. After that, you can simply learn the language, convert the Korean language to Nepali, and become proficient in what you learn.

The features of this app are:

  • Look at what you previously searched for using the History tab.
  • Scan through the favorite tab to search for the list of your favorite words.
  • Internet connection is required for the voice word spelling tab.
  • You can also carry out context word search by switching it on in the Settings section. Tap any word in the article and find the transition of the word.
  • You can also switch on the word of the day widget, which will help you learn a new word each day.

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Nepali Korean dictionary

Nepali Korean dictionary app has been created by the developers of Pasawahan App Maker. It is one of the most comprehensive Nepali Korean dictionaries, which can translate language from Nepali to Korean and vice versa.

The features of this app are:

  • Both Nepali to Korean and Korean to Nepali conversion.
  • You can read the details of the word and also hear it phonetically for better understanding.
  • Translation of a sentence is also possible using this app.
  • The voice feature of the app simplifies pronunciation.
  • Share the results of the translation to a variety of social media sites.

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