How to Set up Gmail Offline? Follow 9 steps

Almost everybody is using Gmail when they have an internet connection. Few people know that it is possible to use Gmail offline when you have no internet connection or data on your phone. Nowadays many people are using Gmail and it has also been the famous messaging site.

People share photos videos message via Gmail which is quite common but sometimes when they don’t have internet connection on their phone or computer they are unable to use it. They cannot read the important message which they need when there is no internet connection. Instead, they search for connection and they use their mobile data in order to log in to Gmail account to read the message.

But today we are going to teach you how to use it (Gmail offline) without an internet connection. For this you need to follow the below instruction then you will be able to use it on your mobile and PC without any internet connection or data on your phone.

The process that we are going to teach you helps to store all the message of your Gmail account on your computer which you can read anytime you like or want to read.

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How to Set up Gmail Offline?

Chrome App Method

  1. Firstly you have to open your chrome on your phone or PC
  2. Login to your Gmail account by the help of internet
  3. Turn off your internet connection on your phone or PC
  4. Go to the Offline Google Mail app in the Chrome Web Store. The link is provided below
  5. This is the link for the offline Google map app for your chrome app
  6. Then click on “add to Chrome” and then choose the option to agree on the installations which you can find on the same page
  7. Now you will be noticed that the Offline Gmail app of chrome will now show up your Chrome Apps window on your PC or phone
  8. Then after the Offline Gmail app of chrome is shown you have to Click “Allow offline mail” which will launch an offline Gmail which will begin to synchronize the mail that you have in your online Gmail account and this will store your entire message onto your computer or phone
  9. The stored message can be read at any time either there is the internet connection or there is no internet connection. This will make you easy to look after the message if you don’t have the internet connection

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