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If you view around the app store you can find many categories of the apps. One of the trendings of these times is the app Jokhana. It is one of the best astrology app developed by the popular astrologer from Nepal (Sunil Sitaula).

The astrology app is based on the ancient Fortune telling technique which is practiced eastern divination in Nepal, Tibet, and India. This culture practiced in Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanism and Tantric culture. As the practice of Oracle cards, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Jyotish, Numerology and so on are known to be the powerful Jokhana is also as of this kind.

It is a user-friendly app so, it is easy to operate. This app has been downloaded more than 50 thousand which shows the popularity of this app. If you really want to look your Rashi, Kundali and other then you can install this app. Before installing the app you must have to turn on your location so it can give the exact information based on the geophysical region.

Features of Nepali Astrology App

There are so many features of Jokhana astrology app. Some of the features of the Jokhana are Prashnavali chakra, holy of Hanuman Jyotish and bring Samhita have been already input in it, so we can look it.

  • Horoscope

in this app horoscope of our zodiac signs, monthly and yearly prediction Kashif al is in Nepali version and daily prediction is in the English version.

  • Ask jokhana

Ask Jokhana likes to read the tarot and oracle cards. The answer basis of Sakun Prashnavali chakra, holy of Hanuman Jyotish and bring Samhita has been already input in it, so we can look it.

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  • Muhurta

We can check Hora muhurta, Abhijit Muhurta, and Rahu Kaal daily in it. After following this rule, we don’t need to follow other rules of Muhurta Jyotish. The time period of day and night Auspicious and Inauspicious are derived from Rudra Yamaha tantra.

there are many Hindu festivals. We can see festivals like Dashain, Teej, Diwali, Shivaratri Krishna pastrami and Ram Navami etc yearly and oncoming years also.

In this app, we can convert date from BS to Ad or Ad to BS.

  • Rashi Milan

In this, we match our moon signs for the party ship, love, marriage, and engagement. This is only in Nepalese version.

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  • News feed

We can get latest news update from all over the world.

  • Kundalini

We can look our Kundli by our date of birth and moon signs and we can get a brief description about it.

  • Ask Astrologer

In this panel after you fill the box with the correct information, you can get the Astrology Services by Professional Vedic Astrologer. You can know the obstacles over come in your life.

  • Panchanga

With the feature, you are alert with the Daily Panchanga Sheet Tithi, Nakshatra which has the important role in Hindu calendar.

Download Jokhana app for Play Store & iTunes. The app is available in English and Nepali language. Astrologer Dr. Suneel Sitaula has managed the app who is very famous and won the prestigious, astrological awards in India and Nepal.

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