Ghale Gaun: Best place to Home Stay in Nepal

If you are planning to visit somewhere beautiful place and interested in trekking then Ghale Gaun will be much better to spend your vacation. Ghale Gaun is famous for great adventure trek and well-managed home stay facilities. Ghale Gaun is situated in eastern Annapurna area in Lamjung, Nepal.

It is the traditional Gurung villages with full of mid hills Gurung tribes culture, traditional Gurung culture, traditional Gurung music and dance and the most important breathtaking views of the western Himalayas.

Ghanegaun is also famous for nestle amidst mountains, streams, waterfalls, rivers, and green and wide forest. You can enjoy the superb and breathtaking view of Annapurna I 8,091m, Mt. Machhapucchre 6,693m, Boudha Himal 6,974m, Himalchuli 6,747m, Annapurna II 7,939 m and many other 6000 meters smaller peaks as well.

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Being the most famous, model and well-known village Ghale Gaun has its own typical culture, lifestyle, dress, and traditional customs at the time of birth, death, marriages. You can also enjoy Gurung cultural dance like Dohori, Jankri, Ghatu, Serka, Jyaure bhaka accompanied by different musical instruments such as madal in their own cultural traditional dress.

The great hospitality and respect shown by the people are also taken as the important factor which attracts must of the people. They sing a welcome song to the welcome their guest. They offer them flowers and tika during their visit, dance and provide entertainment to the visitors. You can see different types of clothes made up of wool from different animals. They also make bags, scarfs, towels and shawls from the wool of sheep and rabbits.

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The place is also famous for trekking. You can enjoy the beauty during trekking to different hills and the Himalayas like Annapurna, Machhapucchre, Boudha Himal and Himalchuli Himal too. The visiting and trekking area is also full of natural as well as ethnic variation. You can observe the people of Gurung and Magar ethnic tribes as well as Damai, Kami, Bahun, Chhetries nearby the Ghalegaun while you are visiting.

Most of the people living there are the farmer and make themselves busy in animal husbandry. You can also see different flowers as well as rhododendrons too. You also can enjoy the trekking as well as you can see the mesmerizing and spectacular views of world’s 8th highest Himal Manasalu which is 8,163 m in height. you can also enjoy the view of other Himalayan ranges such as Boudha Himal, Lumjung Himal, Mt. Machhapucchre.

On the trip, you can also visit the Museum Of Gurung society situated in Ghale Gaun. This Museum is full of Gurung community treasures collected from the past time from their ancestors.

You can also be provided with the facility of home stay. During the night the group is divided with 4-5 people in one house. You can have dinner at the same house where you will be sleeping the same night. The peoples are helpful, cooperative and will provide you good hospitality so you can enjoy your time in Ghale Gaun.

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