How to know if you have spyware on your mobile

We installed many apps in our smartphone to make our work simple, easier and faster. The apps may be from trusted source as well as from the unknown source. Have you noticed the apps using the unknown resource? Your phone may be spied. You may not be aware of this spyware case, here are the ways how your phone is h@cked and spied on. Go through the article and find out whether your phone is not being tracked by others.

Best ways to know if you have spyware on your mobile

  1. If you notice that your phone battery is draining so quickly that of the normal times, then it may be the sign that you are tracked. If your mobile taking a longer time to charge, this indicates that some monitoring apps is running on your phone.
  2. The phone gets warm usually. Normally we play games on the phone and it gets heats but if your phone gets warm although you are not playing games or apps you may be the victim of spy application.
  3. Noise reduction while on call. Sometimes we listen to sounds over the call because of the bad network connection but if you notice strange sounds and echo often while calling some others, this means someone might be tracking your call.
  4. High data usage although you are not using the internet so more. You can check the usage of your internet package from the setting of the phone. If you notice that internet pack is consuming faster or the data usage meter is so high then there is something wrong, someone is spying with the apps.
  5. If your phone reboots and shut downs randomly. It is good to restart the phone automatically, this happens due to missing files on os but if your apps are up to date and phone reboots and shut downs randomly then this might be the reason that someone is spying your phone.
  6. Strange text messages. If you find the message with different types of letters or codes then it’s a sign that some are saying your phone.
  7. Strange beep or sounds when idle. When your phone is not in use and you notice strange beep or sounds then your phone might be spied to get rid of this you can factory reset the phone. This enables to remove all suspicious virus as well as other unnecessary files from your phone. Don’t make the idea of updating the phone, this doesn’t remove any spying apps.
  8. Notice the shut down time. Normally the android phones shut down quickly. If you notice that your phone is delaying for the shut down then someone is controlling your phone. Better reset it and use it.
  9. Your phone is too slow. If your phone is too slow although you are running few number of apps then your phone might is monitoring by others.
  10. Check the suspicious files. Normally keep on checking the files on your phone. If you find some new files in your phone then it may be the spyware. Try to remove the file if it doesn’t access then it is better to install anti-spyware.

Conclusion: no one wants to have virus, spyware or other suspicious apps in their mobile, but h@ckers use the tracking, monitoring and spying apps to control our phone and to know our activities. First, you must know whether your phone is spying or not you can check this from the above-mentioned tips. Normally you can install antivirus and anti-spyware in your mobile. If this doesn’t work then you can factory reset your phone and be safe from spied.

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