7 Best iOS Free Offline Games For iPhone/iPad

Around 43.6 percent of the Smartphone users use iPhone in the US as per the top Journal of USA. iPhone provides the better experience to the users so it is popular among the people rather than other OS available in the market. One of the problems with the iPhone/iPad users is the battery draining problem while in the internet connection. It is not possible always to be with active internet connection. So here are the free offline games that will provide full relax at the lack of the internet connection or without the data package.

Free offline games for iPhone/iPad

Plants Vs Zombies 2: The action games Plants Vs Zombies 2 is One of the most downloaded and the best game for iPhone / iPad users. You must have to defense against the Zombies. Defending them is all about the success in the game. The graphic of the game is amazing that you will never regret playing the game in your mobile.

Unblock me: The game unblock is all about the idea. Solve the puzzle by moving the wooden blocks to the right, left, up or down. Sometimes the game makes you frustrating but most of the time the game is fun.

Angry Birds 2: You may be well known about the popular game Angry Birds. It is one of the biggest and the most downloaded mobile game. The Angry Birds 2 is the new version of the most popular game Angry Birds with new features in it.

Flow Free: Flow Free is a puzzle game that you will love to play and be the addict to it. Just you have to connect the same colors of a dot in a square grid. Playing the game and moving the new level you will realize the difficulty of the game.

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Temple Run 2: The game is all about running and saving the life. Guide your character and save it from the obstacles of the forest. The game is interesting you can fulfill the hunger of game although you play for hours to hours.

Bubble Boo Mobile: It’s a fun game playing with the bubbles. The amazing creature boo will entertain you. Do not forget to unmute your audio; the game will be missing without the music of the game. Play and taste the level difficulty in each next step.

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Shadow fight: It is an action based fight. Tackle the opponent and do the fight. For the action lovers, it’s an amazing game that they will never regret playing the game.

Which one is your best game? Please comment in the comment box and enjoy these 7 Best iOS free offline games.

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