7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Virus Free

These days, we must know the terms related to the computer virus and protect your device from their threat. Most of the people ignore and negligee to be aware of these terms. It will be wise enough to be aware of these threats before it’s too late. Here are few tips that would help you to keep your computer virus free.

Best 7 ways to Keep Computer Virus Free

1. Install anti-virus software and keep them up to date

Most of the users install the antivirus and leave them but the main important factor is to keep the antivirus up to date so they can perform well. The new virus is created worldwide within the seconds, to deal them in the real-time also it most important to keep the antivirus up to date.

2. Drop the habit of opening emails, attachments, and files automatically

Before opening any types of files is must scan. Mainly the attachment in the emails comes with suspicious files, so they must be scan properly before they run. Although you receive the email from the trust source virus like Trojan horses can slip to our system.

3. Set up immediate protection

The antivirus can attack the system any time so it’s always to recommended to Configure the anti-virus software automatically on start-up so it can give immediate protection at all times. Doing this automatically keeps your devices safe enough.

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4. Update your anti-virus frequently

Updating anti-virus program frequently is only as good as the frequency with which it is updated. New viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are born daily, and variations of them can slip by software that is not current. Most anti-virus software is easy to update online with options to do so automatically.

5. Don’t boot from a floppy disk

One of the common ways to transmit is through the Floppies. After their works finish pull them out of the machine otherwise launching the virus of the floppy will the device automatically try to boot your device because of a virus on the disk?

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6. Careful while sharing files

We share files with our friends while sharing files we unknowingly pass along a virus, Trojan horse, or worm with the files attached. So, before using pen drives, floppy etc scan them properly before their use.

7. Stop downloading files from Unknown source

We use to download many types of files around the web. It is always recommended to download the files from the known and trusted sites. It will be safe enough to scan them with antivirus also before download.

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These are the best 7 tips to a virus free computer. If you have others ideas about it, you can suggest us.

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