Overheating Laptop: Best 4 Ways to Fix It

What are reasons behind Overheating of your laptop? The answer is insufficient cooling. Sometimes the laptop gets heat in a short time it is because of the blocking of air passes through exhaust ports. Ways to Fix the Overheating of Laptop? There are several ways to cure overheating of the laptop. You can find the reason of overheating laptop and follow one of these ways to cure the problem.

4 Ways to Fix an Overheating Laptop

1. Fix Internal Cooling

One of the most important matters you must keep in mind is that your laptop gets overheated due to the blockage of the dust in the fan. The fan inside the laptop helps to cool the CPU and graphic cards, the dust makes the layer in the fan and makes the fan slow down to perform its task and also blocks the flow of air. You can clean the fan blockage with the help of the laptop’s manual. Before you attempt the task you can follow the steps.

  • Shut down your laptop
  • Remove the battery from the laptop
  • Unscrew the screws
  • Check the fan ( which has a layer of dust)

With the help of wet cotton strip, you can clean the fan. To prevent the damage of the fan you must rotate to its right direction while cleaning. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with low pressure to clean the fan too.

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2. Dying Batteries

You can find varieties batteries of the laptop. It’s not right to think that all the battery will perform its task. One of the main reasons of overheating of the laptop is its battery too. So, before choosing the battery chooses the branded company to avoid overheat of the battery.

3. Keep the Laptop on Flat Surface

Most of the laptops have opened in the side and in the back. Holding the laptops in the wrong way block the flow of air into the laptop as a result it overheats. To get rid of the problem check whether you have to block the opening of the laptop or not. It’s always wise enough to place the laptop on the flat surface to prevent the blockage of the openings.

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4. Invest In a Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers provide the additional cooling to your device. Choosing a good cooler is also the most important matter. While buying the cooler choose that which has a powerful fan with it.

These are the best way to fixed the overheating laptop problem. If you have any ideas reading the Overheating of the laptop you can share with us in the comment box.

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