Sagarmatha National Park: A Must Visit Place in Nepal

There are many protected and national park in the Nepal and in the world also but Sagarmatha national park is such a national protected area that is dominated by mountains in the eastern parts of Nepal in the Himalayas. In this national park highest mountains of the world as well as many top mountains in the world lie.

Highlights of Sagarmatha National Park

This protected area lies in Solukhumbu districts of the Sagarmatha zone in provision no 1. It has covered 443 square kilometers of this district. This Sagarmatha national park is named after the name of mountains Sagarmatha which Sagar means “sky” and matha means “head”. It is 8848 meters from the sea level. It is also an international border of Nepal and Tibet and Nepal in the north.

It is established in 1976 as the national park in the Asia and it is also an important bird protected area by Birdlife international. In 1979 UNESCO defined this national park as the country‘s first world heritage sites. It is the main tourist’s destinations and many tourists come for trekking in this highest mountains.

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We can see more than 15 mountains in this zone which are listed in top 10 lists of the mountains in the world. All the mountains found in this area are more the above 5000 meters from the sea level. More than 3500 Sherpa people live at the bottom of this mountain who are the original people of this region.

Main work of the Sherpa people is potters of the tourists who come for trekking in the mountains. Sherpa people are expert in climbing the mountains. About 118 species of protected birds are found in this lower forest of this mountain which gives shelter for these birds. It also gives the shelter for rare animals like the panda, snow leopard, musk deer, Himalayans wolves, langur monkey and Himalayans thars which are found in this protected area.

At first, it was not protected the area and national park because the garbage through by tourists increase with the increase in tourist and the ice of mountains starts melting as well as animals and birds of this region also die.

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Also, plants and flowers of this region found in the small amount because of garbage so it becomes the protected area. Little but different types of vegetation are also found in the lower forest. There is the forest of pine and hemlock which covers the lower national park. Above 3500 meters we can get the forest of Rhododendron, bamboo, juniper, birch, and firs. As an increase in the altitude from the sea level the level of available oxygen also decreases.

Animals and birds spices found in these regions who survive in high altitude are adapted to live their lives in cold temperature and less oxygen. There are different animals with different features to survive in cold and winter seasons with less oxygen some have thick skin, some have shortened limbs to prevent body heat.

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