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Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and its main source of revenue. Many tourists come to Nepal to visit the natural beauty of the country. One of the difficulties for the tourist is to communicate them with the people. The local people may not know the English language and for the foreigners/visitors, it may be so hard to deal with them. Now no worries if you are planning to visit Nepal you can learn Nepali in a unique way.

Best Mobile Apps to Learn Nepali

  • Learn Nepalese

With the app Nepali languages learning in English you can learn Nepali in a faster way. Download the app and learn the Nepali language in your Smartphone in your free time.

Just view a quick review of the app:

• Quick Nepali learning tips.
• Important telephone numbers while you stay in Nepal.
• Speaking and writing video tutorials.
• Updated news from Nepal.
• User-friendly.
• Works offline too.

The perfect app is different than the other apps. It is designed in such a way that it includes the practical way of learning the language. The apps hold the most common phrase of Nepali language that helps to do basic conservation. There are some of the words that the Nepalese people can easily understand that are highlighted in the apps, to no hassle in finding the Nepali words for them. Download App.

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  • Learn Nepali

The app is designed for the native speakers who wish to learn Nepali; the app mostly guides the learners to pronounce. The app mostly focuses the learners to speak more than writing the script. It is also the best option to follow to train you to learn Nepali and the stay of Nepal communicating the local people in the Nepali language provide you confidence, different happiness, and interesting remembrance.

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Why not choose this perfect app to help you get the start in learning Nepali, so to improve your Nepalese language skills just download the app and start learning today:

Here are the Main Features of the app:

• Nepalese phrases in categorized as per their use.
• Pronunciation mentioned in the brackets.
• Quiz tests.
• Sharing option in social media.
• Gorgeous look.
• An effective way for beginners.

The app has been downloading more than 10 thousand times which clearly mentions the popularity of the app. Download the app in learning the language in a unique and easy way. Download App for Play Store & iTunes.

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