Earthquake in Nepal – Download App and Check Latest Earthquakes Status

Earthquake is also known as quake. It is the shaking of the land in the surface of the earth. When the energy released from the earth lithosphere which creates seismic waves that create the shaking which is known as the earthquake. The earthquake brings so many destructions of property as well as human loss. By the studies, it is estimated that 9.4-9.6 magnitude scale of the earthquake had gone in 22nd May 1960, in Spain which is the most power full earthquake that had gone. To be aware of the earthquake, Nepali developers had made an app to check earthquake in Nepal.

It also gives the latest news for earthquake and to know earthquake. The application shows the information about the earthquake of past, real time earthquake alert news and sends the notification to the users who have this app. Along with this, it has other features also. It updates the latest and regular photos and videos of the activities that happened after the earthquake.

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This app is very necessary at the time of emergency. Installing apps help you to be aware of the earthquake in Nepal. So, our team recommends to install the app and to get the aware notification all the time. Just check out the amazing features of the app.

  • Recent Earthquake notification and from National Seismological Centre.
  • Notification of earthquake which is greater than 4 magnitudes.
  • Earthquakes list since 1994.
  • The probability of most risky areas for a Mw 6.5+ earthquake for the current month.
  • 7 Days, Magnitude 4.0+ Worldwide from USGS.
  • Screenshot feature to share with friends.
  • Destruction details by the earth quake.
  • Gallery of Earthquake damages and relief works.
  • Videos and photos related to the earthquake in Nepal.
  • Emergency contact addresses of Police and Hospitals at the time of emergency.
  • Tips to remain safe from Earthquakes.
  • User-friendly, easy to use.
  • Less data consumption.
  • Updated news from reliable source.

Sometimes small earthquakes occur which doesn’t affect any things but there is a say that it can recur in a regular pattern. This app gives notification when the earthquake occurs greater than 4. It gives the recent data of earthquake said by national seismological centers and also from USGS. This app has its own gallery of earthquake damaged of past from all over the world. It also gives the suggestion to be safe from the earthquake. It gives the list of the earthquake from the beginning with its full information in this app. It gives the emergency phone number of police, hospitals and rescue force.

The app is available for Play Store. Install the app in your mobile and always be updated with the earthquake and the destruction by it.

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