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A good way to secure your information from is setting a password. It is the basic way to defense, to block the misuse of your phone and its data. Setting the password lets you keep contacts, gallery, calendar, social network sites, and folders safer. If someone borrows your mobile for a while they won’t able to access to the sensitive private data. We are introducing the top security utility AppLock which helps you to protect anything on your phone. It protects your privacy with the password, pattern and the fingerprint but the fingerprint only worked for Android 6.0+.

It is one of the most download apps in the play store. The app is available in 24 languages over 50 countries with more than 200 million users. With the app lock, you can set the password in facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, snap chat, SMS, Gmail or any other apps you wish to lock. You can also lock the incoming call on your mobile too. No chances for unauthorized access.

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Hide the particular picture, image or video using the app. The pictures image and the videos will vanish from the gallery and only be viewed from the picture or video vault. Someone may be peeping while entering the password, but with the app lock no worries the app has random keyboards and invisible pattern. You may have some question regarding the app, here are some of the frequently asked questions with their answers.

1) How to change the password?

To change the password open the app, go to protect and move to unlock setting.

2) How to open AppLock after hiding it?

To open the app lock after hiding you can go to the dial pad and enter the password and tap to call button.

3) How to stop uninstall the AppLock by other people?

It’s not possible to uninstall the Applock by other once you enable Advanced Protection in Protect.

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4) How to uninstall the AppLock?

To uninstall the AppLock you must have to disable advanced Protection first by entering the password in it.

5) What to do in case of the password is forgotten?

If you forget the password of the Applock then you can reset the password by answering the security questions, answers or by using security email.

Important things to remember.

  • To move in/out the photo or video from the vault you must have more than 10% free space.
  • You can choose any one from the three types of account 1. Premium: it is the paid version with premium features. 2. AD: The Ad version is free with premium features and ads 3. Basic: This is the free version with no ad and no premium features.

Download the top security utility AppLock and save your phone from unauthorized access. Do comment for any issue with the app. We will answer you as soon as possible. Keep on logging ou the site we will be updating you more about the security issues.

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