WhatsApp Two-step Verification: How to Activate it?

Everyone is familiar with the most popular instant messaging app. The WhatsApp allows the users to exchange free texting service without any charges. No worry whatever your phone is BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android or Nokia it is compatible with all of them.

Recently whatApp has launched two-step verification which is very important and secure feature. It allows the user to secure their accounts. Although the feature is not compulsion but to boost up the account security it is highly recommended. The users must not take two-step verification feature as an app locker, it is totally different and very helpful for the users to keep the account secure from access.

Why is it important?

Just imagine the scenario that there is no two-step verification. Your friend or someone took out your sim card from the mobile and insert in the new device and install the WhatsApp and start using the app. Your account will be controlled by other if any cases you will be the victim.

So, the two-step verification is for the purpose to prevent unauthorized access by your sim card. The two-step verification feature only wants to confirm or verify whether you are the master of the SIM or not.

It’s also like an app locker in a sense you miss the phone. Before the two-step verification feature, if you have no phoned locked anyone can easily open your phone and disable the WhatsApp but now to disable the account you need the verify passcode. In this sense the instant messaging app WhatsApp is awesome.

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Activate Two-step Verification on WhatsApp

All we need is to be secure. If you are also wishing to active the new feature of the WhatsApp the two-step verification then you can follow the following steps.

  1. Open the WhatsApp
  2. Click on Setting> go to Account > two-step verification and enable.
  3. Enter the six digits password and confirm.
  4. Enter your email (the email must be valid and you must access it easily)

The link in the email is used to disable the account.

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How does it work?

After you enable the two-step verification, if you use the same sim on the next device you will not get the access easily you will have to enter the six digit passcode. If you are unable to retrieve the code you will not be permitted to access the app in the device.

You will not also allow reverifying for 7 days.In this case, your email will be useful, So it is necessary to put the correct email at the time of enabling two-step verification.

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