How to send Anonymous Text? Download App

How do you prank with your friends? Sending the text message anonymously is the oldest method that many people do to prank with friends. Actually, you can send the message hiding your identity. The message receiver only receives the message from the fake number so it will be fun enough to do so. If you are also thinking to prank using this technique then go to Google play store and download the apps. Most of the apps to send Anonymous text message are free and no registration required.

Before the apps list, let’s learn how to send an anonymous text message using the apps. You can follow these quick and easy steps for sending the message.

How to send Anonymous Text?

  1. First of all, download the app from the Google Play store. Searching on play store as anonymous text messaging provides you numerous of apps.
  2. Read the rules for sending the text message. Using the app for an illegal purpose may be crucial. They may be tracking your IP addresses and further you may in the problem.
  3. Open the apps type the receptionist number and the text you want to send. Hit the send button.

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  • Anonymous Texting 

Anonymous Texting is one of the most popular anonymous SMS text messages for android users. This app allows the users to send the message completely hiding your identity and replacing your number by the next one. Here is some of the unique feature of the app.

  • Completely anonymous
  • Not trackable
  • More than millions of users daily
  • Two-way supporting feature.
  • Works in other devices which do not hold SIM.
  • Simple and quicker

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  • Fake Text Message

It is also one of the most popular Anonymous Texting apps. It is free and easy to operate. The interface of the app makes the users type and send the message easier. Here are the features of the apps that make you remain connected with the app.

  • Send and receive the text anonymously
  • Not tracking
  • More than 1 million users
  • Easy interface
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly

Using this you can do more than a prank. With this anonymous texting, you can do these social beneficial tasks. Thinking how?

  • You can report to the police about the crimes in your locality.
  • Anonymously you can speak against the social evils
  • You can report about the smuggling
  • You can inform the matters of corruption to the local authorities.

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