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There are times when the internet speed in your mobile gets too low. And there are times when the internet speed is satisfactorily good. The ISP that you take the internet connectivity from, might not be giving you the speed they have promised. Internet speeds have known to fluctuate from time to time, but a severe fluctuation can be a fault on the part of the ISP. Test your mobile internet speed with internet speedtest and you can easily found out the reason for a slow download. Internet speedtest can easily be done via a mobile and you can easily test your mobile internet speed using the below-mentioned application.

Internet SpeedTest by Ookla

Speedtest by Ookla is an easy way to test the mobile internet speed in less than 30 seconds of time. Speedtest by Ookla is an accurate way to test your mobile internet speed from the comfort of your mobile phone. Millions of users have subscribed to Speedtest app to test their mobile internet speed. It is the number 1 app for testing internet speeds. The app has been trusted by professionals in the industry and its perfect features and light weight interface are easy to use.

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  • Discover download and upload speeds.
  • Share your results with others with ease.
  • Real time graphs show the consistency of the connection when using this app.
  • The speed can be verified and troubleshoot. Know if the speed promises to you have been delivered or not.
  • Detailed reporting facilities help track past tests.
  • Keep your internet service providers and carriers honest by diagnosing connectivity issues.
  • A global network ensures accuracy.

Use the Ookla app for a pretty decent picture of your internet facilities. The app is easy to use and understand. Download the app for Play Store & iTunes and test your mobile internet speed now.

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